Silence is not goldenWhy not just play music on hold? When it comes to your business’ on hold marketing messages, it may seem like a little elevator music is all you need to get the job done, but is that really the best way to take advantage of the time your callers spend on the line? On hold music is hardly on hold marketing.

Watch as HOLD PLUS President, Mark Bortz, explains what music alone could cost you.

Opting out of message on hold marketing would be like buying a radio ad, then having it play 30 seconds of music. What a waste that would be! Obviously thirty seconds of marketing can be very valuable. Super Bowl ads run upwards of $4 million for 30 seconds.

You should take advantage of every marketing opportunity in front of you. Educated buyers spend more money, so it’s obviously intelligent to educate them as much as possible while you have their attention. In the case of your on hold marketing messages, silence isn’t golden.