Advertising Jingles – AUDIO LOGOS

Audio logosA catchy advertising jingle will elevate your brand above the rest, even in a crowded industry. Jingles have proven to help your audience remember key information about your business, your name, phone number, or web address.  And that means a higher ROI for your advertising dollar.

If you’re looking for a quality yet economical audio image…
A Premier 
AUDIO LOGO is your solution.


Audio is a powerful tool that can trigger specific memories or emotions. Because music creates emotion, with AUDIO LOGOS, brand favorability and consideration increase. These metrics apply directly to ROI.

With the rise of online audio and voice assistants like Alexa and Echo, it’s increasingly important for brands to create emotional connections without visuals, and just audio.

Premier is more than just HOLD PLUS.  We’ve been producing professional quality, super sticky radio advertising jingles for nearly 40 years. We’ve worked with businesses of every size and industry and we know what works.

The answer is simple: quality, creative, value driven, effective productions that speak for themselves.

When Comfort Solutions introduced their “Home of the $500 No Frustration Guarantee” promotion, we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


Music City Roofers was looking for a theme that represented their home town and we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


When Boyers Heating changed their name to Boyers 72 Degrees Premier was hired to produce this AUDIO LOGO.   And notice we demonstrated 3 different voices, one on each verse.  The final was produced with the second voice:


We’ve produced several AUDIO LOGOS for Fyzical, the chain of physical therapy franchises.  They asked to include their web address and 3 tag lines… ‘spelled different because we’re different’,  ‘love your life’, ‘we help you move better’… Their reply was “this one’s going platinum”:


During Arizona State Savings “Partner For Life” promotion we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


When Dick Burton Floral needed a general radio image that they described as “classy” we produced this full length AUDIO LOGO for them:


Dick Burton Floral ordered an alternate variation with a male voice also:


When Contractor Services was looking to promote specific services, we produced the AUDIO LOGO tag for the “fixed right or it’s free” promotion:


Success Group: AUDIO LOGO tag was produced to promote their “straight forward pricing“:


When Plumber’s Success International was looking to promote their “fresh smelling” technicians we created this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


When NeighborCare Pharmacy needed to reinforce the importance of “trust” we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


When FTD, the flower people, were looking for promotional pieces for their worldwide network of florists we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for their “all in the delivery” promotion:


And this AUDIO LOGO tag for the FTD “say it with flowers” promotion:


And this AUDIO LOGO tag for the FTD “send your message in a vase” promotion:


And this AUDIO LOGO tag was used in the FTD “trust us to know” promotion:


And this AUDIO LOGO tag for the FTD  “when you call… we deliver” promotion:


When Always Plumbing wanted their community to remember the telephone number to call when scheduling an appointment, we produced this AUDIO LOGO tag for them:


From the very beginning, we’ve crafted AUDIO LOGOS that remain today the audio image for brands across the counrty.  Here’s a compilation of many you may have heard. 


Licensing an AUDIO LOGO for use in your market is simple and very cost effective. Order an AUDIO LOGO for one market, for one year with an investment as low as $1800.

Annual licensing of that same AUDIO LOGO is only 20% of the original rate and voiceover sessions are only $100 within a license term.

Wanna know more?  Enter your information at the top of this page, to the right and we’ll contact you promptly. You can also order an AUDIO LOGO by calling (800) 298-2222 ext:222