Message On Hold Marketing

Message on Hold

Get Smart About Message On Hold Marketing

Ask yourself, What benefit is my hold button to my business?



of callers prefer listening to messages while on hold.


of callers will stay on hold longer if listening to a message.


make buying decisions based on information heard while on hold.


of callers who hang up on hold will not call back.

Why Message on Hold Marketing?

  1. Customer Service: Silence on the other line doesn’t assure your callers their needs are important to your business. Nothing makes 30 seconds feel like 30 minutes quite like waiting on hold. Comfort callers on hold professional quality messages, uniquely crafted with your brand messaging.
  2. Sales: A call on hold offers you a captive audience. Don’t waste this golden opportunity by playing elevator music, unless you’re into that sort of thing. In which case here’s 10 Hours of Elevator Music.Message on hold marketing allows your business to educate, up-sell, cross-sell, and promote your products and services. Callers may be familiar with your business, but they probably don’t know everything you’d like them to know. Introduce lesser know items, higher profit items, and promote special events with message on hold. Here are the top ten ways to use on hold messages to drive revenue.


  1. Quality: HOLD PLUS offers the highest level digital productions, sent direct to you from Nashville, the recording capital of the world. Your production will include radio quality production and top notch voice talent.
  2. Creativity: Your callers will enjoy being educated and entertained while on hold. No boring elevator music. No one-size-fits-all stock promotional script. Every HOLD PLUS production offers a customized program for your businesses message. On hold messages that sound different from the rest, deliver better results than the rest.
  3. Flexibility: Select the production elements, update when you need, interface with any phone lines or system.
  4. Cost effective: Your HOLD PLUS message on hold package is built around your marketing and communications needs and budget… no other marketing tool lends greater value.
  5. Managed: Let’s design a HOLD PLUS program to meet your needs and we’ll manage it for you.

What’s included in your HOLD PLUS package?

  1. Professionally produced HOLD PLUS music and message programs:
    • Experienced and creative message on hold script writing
    • Professional voice talents
    • Licensed music and sound FX
    • World class quality digital production
  2. FREE use of our digital message repeater:
    • If needed, you’re not required to purchase or maintain any equipment and we include all installation cables, instructions and assistance.
  3. Your investment is based on production and location variables:
    • a single custom program package is available for as low as a-dollar-a-day

    • monthly, quarterly or unlimited update packages are designed to meet your budget
    We’ll design a package that suits your communication needs… and your rate is guaranteed not to increase, based on our 3 year Service Agreement
  4. A solid 100% satisfaction guarantee on all equipment and productions. 


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What does HOLD PLUS Message On Hold sound like?

Enjoy these samples of HOLD PLUS statements.  A HOLD PLUS programs is generally 4 minutes in length and includes 5-6 separate statements.

What better way to brand Ben Franklin Plumbing than using the voice of Ben Franklin himself? The company used this particular HOLD PLUS program to talk about the quality of their plumbing work.

Listeners may have called in about a water heater, furnace, or air conditioning unit. Once they were placed on hold they were encouraged to call Ben Franklin Plumbing next time they had a plumbing problem.

Sound effects and a custom character voice set this HOLD PLUS message on hold program apart. Delivery is the major key to getting callers to pay attention to the message. A boring on hold message won’t do much more to increase sales than boring on hold music.

This HOLD PLUS program educates Neighborcare Health callers on a variety of products and services in a short amount of time.

Want to drive traffic to your brick and mortar? Use your on hold messages to advertise an experience customers can only get in store. Like this Hallmark Volkswagen program promoting both the price of a new Jetta, and the customer service shoppers with experience at the dealership. 

CenturyTel used this message on hold program to advertise additional products they offer, but HOLD PLUS featured them in a unique way: entertaining format, custom music, custom script, and professional voice talent make all the difference in the world.

Giving callers an action step is a big step toward generating revenue. This particular program gives listeners something to ask about when the company representative returns to the line.

What do our customers say about HOLD PLUS?

“I can cite several times when a caller has purchased a service based solely on the message they heard while on hold. It amazes me how closely callers really do listen.”
Sharon Bratton – CenturyLink – a 32 year HOLD PLUS client

“I believe HOLD PLUS is the very best return for advertising dollars I spend. It’s a great way for us to remind every caller about our packing services, boxes, and supplies.”
Mary Ellen Sheets – Two Men and a Truck – a 25 year HOLD PLUS client

“We get positive comments about our on hold messages all the time. Customers often say, ‘I didn’t know you offered _____.’ HOLD PLUS provides us a very professional image enhancement.”
Mia Moorhead – The UPS Store – a 21 year HOLD PLUS client

Get Started with HOLD PLUS Message On Hold Marketing

Our talented team of script writers has written thousands of message-on-hold scripts, and will work together with you to develop on hold messages that meet your needs.

Use a proven formula of production elements, or choose from a library of voice talents, licensed music and sound effects to create your own unique sound.

A managed follow up system is employed to keep your messages fresh and up-to-date. And our response to your production or service requests is unmatched.

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