Here’s everything that’s wrong with your hold program in just one tweet:

If you think playing the radio on hold is a “quick fix” for keeping callers on hold happy, you could be making a huge mistake. Goofy DJs and offensive lyrics are just two of the potholes your callers may hit when you play the radio on hold. A caller may hear divisive political news or even ads from other businesses.

The tweeter was obviously joking, but even seemingly innocuous music may turn people away, or bore them to death.

The key to keeping callers engaged and on the line is to simply be intentional about what you want them to hear. Callers on hold don’t just represent an obligation, they represent an opportunity. Educate them, entertain them. Just don’t alienate them.

Here’s what you could be doing with your message on hold:

Directing callers to your website
Informing callers on special promotions

Up-selling higher profit items
Cross-selling lesser known products and services

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