Your phone’s hold button is one of the most overlooked marketing opportunities in business. Putting calls on hold is inevitable, waiting callers are a captive audience, and delivering a message to them couldn’t be easier.

If you want to make money while callers wait on hold, you’ll have to offer more than just elevator music.

On hold messages need to communicate your brand’s message quickly and creatively to keep callers’ attention. Here are a few keys to crafting an effective message on hold program:

Promote lesser know, higher profit items.

Many of your calls come in for the same few reasons: scheduling appointments, technical support, routine service, or maybe even to purchase one of your best selling items.This is the perfect time to introduce products and services they may not be aware of. Here’s how that might sound:

Cross-sell newer products and services.

Geothermal heat pump? What is it and why would I need one?

Remind Callers About Special Events.

On hold messages are an ideal vehicle to deliver past or upcoming event information to your customers and prospects.Highlight the recent awards you’ve been presented. Do you support your community by giving back in ways that bring meaning to your company? Maybe you give to kids through the “Make-a-Wish Foundation,” or you sponsor local youth sporting events, or you challenge your employees in food drives.