8 Ways to Keep Clients Informed with On-Hold Marketing Messages
on hold marketing

1.  New Options

Are you offering new services to your clients? Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest – especially when it saves time, is less expensive, or improves a client’s experience.  Begin introducing new service or product options through on-hold marketing messages and expect an increased interest from your clients.

2.  Company-Specific Information

On-hold time is a perfect opportunity to provide information about your industry.  This information often answers the very questions your clients may be seeking as they await your return to the line.  Helpful on-hold information can reduce the wait for all callers and minimize the incoming questions that are asked of your staff.

3.  Tips for Success

Your company knows best when it comes to client needs – after all you are the expert.  Do you have tips or special incentives? Callers always enjoy hearing some free advice from experts.

4.  Company History and Honors

Sharing your company history and the honors you have received strengthens the trust between providers and clients.  You and your team work diligently to provide superior service and your clients need to know about it. Clients who feel connected to your business will have further reinforcement to choose your company in the future.

5.  Community Involvement

Do you support your community via giving back in ways that bring meaning to your company? Maybe you give to kids through the “Make-a-Wish Foundation,” or you sponsor local youth sporting events, or you challenge your employees in food drives.  On-hold messaging is the perfect opportunity to share your commitment to your community and reminds clients that not only do you care about them but you also care for the community.

6.  Policies and Procedures

Clients tend to ask the same questions over and over, and you typically give the same answers over and over. Providing the answers to frequently asked questions using your on-hold marketing message helps your clients and saves your staff valuable time and energy.

7.  Business Hours, Location, Area of Service

Whether you keep banker’s hours or your in a 24/7/365 industry – clients like to know when someone will be available to answer their question or address a concern. What areas do you service? Do you have multiple locations? You may provide your client with convenient options (s)he wasn’t even aware of.

8.  Website Promotion

Driving clients to your company’s website pays dividends and on-hold messaging provides another opportunity.  Highlight your on-line tools and any white papers you have authored. Introduce special events, announce your mobile app, remind customers that you provide value and that you’re on the cutting-edge of your industry.