If you’ve seen Tom Hanks’ hit movie “Big,” you’ll likely remember three things: the 80s, pianos you can dance on, and Zoltar.

Zoltar, however, is not just a movie character.  There are hundreds of Zoltar machines across the country, and only one shop that makes them. Olaf Stanton and his team at Characters Unlimited build every Zoltar by hand out of their studio in Boulder City, Nevada.

Put a dollar into a Zoltar machine and you’ll get a piece of wisdom. If you’re a HOLD PLUS message on hold customer, you’ll also get a familiar voice. Premier Companies’ Josh Harrison the male voice on many HOLD PLUS marketing messages is the voice of Zoltar.

Here’s how the magic comes together:

Custom Character Voices

Our voice team doesn’t just produce the voice for Zoltar. Premier Companies’ voice talent can be heard on dozens of Characters Unlimited characters, including Pappy and the Old Pirate.

If you’ve got a one of a kind custom character that needs a one of a kind voice to match, check out Premier Companies’ Custom Character Voices.