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Per your inquiry from May 23rd…
We’ll provide our World-Class HOLD PLUS service to Studio Bank at only $499 annually.
Everything you need is included:
Update your message content whenever you like.
If you need equipment, we’ll provide it.
Your callers will enjoy our creative and experienced script writing.
All HOLD PLUS programs feature seasoned male and female voice talents.
Our music and sound effects library includes 20,000 licensed selections.
Finished HOLD PLUS productions are digitally processed.
Turn around time is generally 4 business days.
Your satisfaction is ALWAYS assured.
We’re eager to grow with Studio Bank.

Consider Premier to assist with designing and producing:
video commercials
TV spots
radio jingles and commercials
podcast programs
digital graphics
phone auto attendant prompts

HOLD PLUS programs from voice session with Ron Cox on 7.12.18

Studio Bank – 1

Studio Bank – 2

Communication management fuels the success of your HOLD PLUS service, assuring your customers are always receiving relevant and timely messages. Quality Assurance Calls are made on a scheduled basis to monitor your system… and we’ll proactively implement improvements if necessary.


It’s the People of Premier who bring the value to our services.  The relationships we’ve established with our clients have earned us business partners and lifelong friends… many for over 34 years.  It’s always our objective to provide YOU exactly what you need, when you need it.  You’re here because we’re listening… We continue searching for ways to improve our services to you.  We’re always exploring and we invite you to join us on this journey.