open houseSo you are shopping for a new home.  You drive by one that has an OPEN HOUSE sign out front.  You pull in the drive and proceed toward the front door.  The Realtor opens the door and lets you in but never greets you.  You stroll from room to room admiring the amenities that are offered, but the Realtor says nothing.  It seems a bit odd to you but you finish the tour of the home and leave out the back door.  While standing in the back yard you realize that you’ve learned very little about the home and none of the important features of the home have been pointed out to you.  You retreat to your vehicle and drive away a bit disappointed.

Just down the street you find another OPEN HOUSE you admire.  When you reach the front door, you’re greeted by a polite and friendly voice.  As you enter each room of the home, your knowledgeable tour guide points out several of the more important features of that room.  Throughout the tour the friendly voice inserts many important facts about the community, schools, shopping and the economics of maintaining the home.  You begin to develop and ask questions that lead to your learning even more.   You sit in your vehicle in the driveway for several minutes pondering all the information.  You leave this home with a wealth of knowledge and a serious interest.

As a Realtor… how are your on line virtual tours presented… accompanied with ‘deadly silence’ or with an informative and friendly voice?

When it comes to selling, a more informed shopper is a more likely buyer.

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