How do business pros like Oppenheimer use HOLD PLUS message on hold programs to drive results?

  1. Upsell –¬†Your HOLD PLUS program is a perfect place to market your higher profit items or add ons. Do you have an extended warranty or a service package? You may be able to turn a low dollar customer into a VIP while they wait on hold. Oppenheimer does this right out of the gate. Listen below.
  2. Cross-sell – Do your callers know about all the products and services you offer? They’re probably calling in regards to one of your specific products, but now you have 30+ seconds to educate them about other product offerings.
  3. Update – Got new information your customers and prospects need to know now? Use your message on hold program to update your callers on new locations, new products, new hours or a new website, just like this HOLD PLUS program does.
  4. Inform – Teaching a caller about the benefits of your products and services can turn prospects into customers, and casual buyers into loyal brand advocates. Are there events your callers should be aware of? Can customers do business on your website? Share some knowledge and use your HOLD PLUS program to drive revenue.

With a few simple bullet points provided by you, Premier Companies will craft a creative and compelling HOLD PLUS message on hold marketing program, enhancing your image and delivering business results. Email Info@PremierCompanies to learn more.