Ken’s callers on hold were getting bored and impatient. When Ken’s callers got bored and impatient, they hung up. Ken got frustrated. When Ken got frustrated…

Ken, The Small Business Owner

Meet Ken. He owns a retail store, but Ken is frustrated.

Ken is having trouble with his callers on hold. All they hear is silence. They get bored and impatient. Unfortunately, many times they hang up.

That was until he discovered HOLD PLUS. With custom marketing messages, easily updated promotions, and creative script writings, and top-notch voice talent HOLD PLUS provides the best message on hold value.

A New Way of Marketing

Reinforce your marketing messages and increase profits for as little as $1.00/day. Comfort callers and reduce hang ups with persuasive and informative messages while you have their attention.

With HOLD PLUS, Ken’s callers want to stay on hold now, and they’re educated. That means more sales. Now Ken is happy.