“For the first time in human history the spoken word has the same reach as the written word, and there are no barriers to entry. That’s a Gutenberg revolution. That’s a big deal. This is a game changer. The podcast world is also a Gutenberg moment but it’s even more extensive. The problem with books is that you can’t do anything else while you’re reading. But if you’re listening to a podcast you can be driving a tractor or a long haul truck or doing the dishes. So podcasts free up two hours a day for people to engage in educational activity they otherwise wouldn’t be able to engage in. That’s one-eighth of people’s lives. You’re handing people a lot of time back…”

Dr. Jordan Peterson

If anyone would know, it’s Dr Peterson. Dr. Peterson is a professor at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the million-plus selling 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Dr. Peterson’s YouTube channel, Jordan Peterson Videos, has 300+ videos, 1,250,000 subscribers, and 60 million views, as of June, 2018. His popular podcast is regularly number 1 in iTunes Higher Education category, and varies between Number 1 and Number 3 in Education, overall.

Of course, I discovered this quote listening to a podcast. Last night I listened to Malcolm Gladwell’s, Revisionist History, while picking up my kids toys. Today I listened to an interview with Jordan Peterson at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Podcasting is not new technology in today’s terms. The iPod came around 14 years ago, which sounds ancient. In historical terms, however, podcasting is in it’s infancy.

Like all digital media, podcasting has quickly and completely changed the game. The days of traditional television and radio have disappeared virtually overnight.

Whether you’re marketing a business, promoting a personal brand, or simply entertaining and informing the public, podcasting is an undeniably powerful tool. Soon audio files will be adopted in the same way signs, phones, and websites have been, becoming unquestionably essential.

Clearly the market hasn’t abandoned the web platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for content consumption. But what smart brands have learned is that the market wants to consume it’s content of choice on the platform of its choice. Some consumers prefer blogs, some video, and some audio.

Getting started with your own podcast is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Here’s the secret.

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