Google launched a new podcasting app this week for Android users, and it might just get your podcast discovered by a huge new audience.

There are already multiple podcasting apps in the Google Play store, like Pocket Cast, Stitcher, and Player FM’s simply named Podcast. Google, however, says the company expects their new app to bring podcasting to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world.

“There’s still tons of room for growth when it comes to podcast listening,” said Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager on the app. Creating a native first-party Android app for podcasts “could as much as double worldwide listenership of podcasts overall.”

Google podcasting app

(via Google)

From all indications, the audio player itself will be minimal, similar to many other audio players. However, Google’s standalone app, simply called Podcasts, will seek to integrate AI technology with the listening experience, using Google’s algorithm expertise. This AI technology will provide suggested podcasts specifically tailored to the listening habits of the user. Wired reports that the home screen will change dynamically, even as you listen.

The new app’s mission statement is, fittingly, to “make it much easier for users to discover and listen to the podcasts they love.”

Apple has had a long-held grip on podcast listenership, and a strong influence on which podcasts rise to prominence. Apple’s iOS app has used editors to determine which podcast qualities would ascend to the top of the leaderboard. This means big publishes like ESPN and NPR often get the most exposure. Google’s Podcasts app aims to make the path to discovering great podcasts more personal.

The app will give podcast publishers a path to building meaningful relationships with the other half of America’s smartphone users. This graph from eMarketer shows a virtual split between Apple and Android users nationwide.

All of this is big news for podcasters. Not only will the app add to growing podcast listenership, Google’s dynamic suggestions may put your podcast in front of a new audience – even those with no previous awareness of your content. If Google’s algorithm does its job properly, that new audience will be your precise target market!

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