Business people often come to us with the notion their industry is a bit too boring to create engaging marketing. Somehow because they’re not selling hoverboards or electric guitars they can’t produce content that people want to consume. We’ve heard it from plumbers and roofers, electronic parts distributors, financial planners, and yes, even dentists.

Although teeth cleaning may not seem all that exciting, when it comes time for your dental procedure, getting to know your dentist can be extremely important.

Premier Companies Production recently had the privilege of producing three marketing videos for Graham B. Burcham, DDS. Dr. Burcham has been serving Franklin, TN for more than 20 years.

After getting to know Dr. Burcham and learning about his practice, we knew there were three key objectives we wanted to accomplish, and video would be the best medium.

First, we wanted to introduce Dr. Burcham’s practice to those in town who had never heard of him. We created a brief overview video to do this.

Secondly, we wanted to highlight Dr. Burcham’s 28 year mastery of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Burcham has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures, and he had a line of patients ready and willing to give him a ringing endorsement, most notably, Mrs. Williamson County International, 2018, Lyndsay Stafford.

Lyndsay has a beautiful smile, she’s a huge fan of Dr. Burcham’s office, and she’s an experienced in front of a camera. Enlisting her for the video was a no brainer.

We also discovered something about Dr. Burcham himself in preproduction meetings. As it turns out, Dr. Burcham isn’t just a great dentist, he’s also a gifted artist. Dr. Burcham could tell people that he loves to paint, or perhaps even take a picture of his work. However, using video we can actually show him at work and display one of his beautiful pieces.

Filling cavities sounds boring too, doesn’t it? What if I told you many dentists use fillings with toxic, even deadly materials that could pose significant health risk? Now I have your attention. Natural dentistry and safe dental practices served as the topic for the third video in our series.

This video series illustrates the four keys to creating an effective marketing video for a “boring” industry. They are as follows:

Clarify the message.

  1. Video 1 Message: Dr. Burcham is the most qualified dentist in Franklin, TN for a variety of services.
  2. Video 2 Message: Dr. Burcham’s cosmetic dentistry practice uniquely marries both art and science.
  3. Video 3 Message: Dr. Burcham practices natural dentistry using only the safest materials on the market.

Identify the key players.

In this case the key players were Dr. Burcham himself and his former patients, Mrs. Williamson County and a few other hand picked testimonials.

Show your personality.

What does painting a horse have to do with dentistry? A lot actually. It gives us a glimpse into Dr. Burcham’s personality, for one, but it also let’s us see his creativity and artistry.

Give a call to action.

This is the easy part. Call today!