Your automated phone system greeting can make or break your callers’ customer experience. The first messages they hear need to direct them quickly and easily to their appropriate call destination. Confusing prompts may cause you to drop calls, especially if there is no way to get a representative on the line.

Your auto attendant may be the first impression a potential customer has with your business. Choose a friendly, warm voice offering simple phone prompts to guide the caller to the person or information they’re looking for instead of a complex series of robotic instructions,

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to successfully guide callers. For your main menu greeting, identify the most frequently used options and give callers information regarding these common inquiries first.

Always provide them the option to speak with a human, and be sure to include your web address for callers to learn more online.

Fontanel Nashville is a hotel and restaurant featuring a concert venue and multiple attractions. Depending on which number you call, you’ll get one or two auto-attendant greetings. Here are two great examples of how to greet and direct callers:


Example #1:

Welcome to Fontanel
If you’re calling with a group of 10 or more, PRESS 9 now
For dinner reservations or private events, PRESS 1
For Tours or recreation, PRESS 2
Entertainment or activities, PRESS 3
Reservations at the Inn, PRESS 4
or PRESS 0 to speak with an operator


Example #2:

For Fontanel Mansion tours, PRESS 1
For Barbara Mandrell Bus Tours, PRESS 2
For Zipline tours, PRESS 3
To Tour Prichard’s Distillary, PRESS 4
For details on the Trails and Greenway, PRESS 5
For the GooGoo Outpost, PRESS 6

Example #1 serves the dual purpose of promoting a product Fontanel would like to offer. Customers may not think of Fontanel as a destination for group outings, but including that as the first prompt will plant the seed in callers minds.

Common additional options include multi-lingual options, after hours prompts, and holiday greetings. Any menu options will be confusing for callers not fluent in English. The auto attendant can begin the greeting with “To continue service in English, press 1. For service in French, press 2.

Your after hours greeting should include helpful details that might not be in your main greeting.  Give callers your hours of operation, an option to leave a voicemail message, and your web address.  This may satisfy them until you can be reached.  A holiday message can include unique hours and special promotions.

Every auto attendant greeting will likely be customized in some way. Premier offers experienced, creative script writing and seasoned professional voice actors who can help create greetings that will be welcoming, concise, and engaging for callers.