Whether you’re telling stories, conducting interviews, or teaching a how-to, podcasting can help you achieve some of your most important branding goals:

Reach your audience on their preferred platform

Establish yourself as an industry expert

Position yourself as a generous part of the community

Grow your audience by connecting to the audience of your guests

Podcasting isn’t just for Apple Podcasts and Google Play. One 30-60 minute podcast episode could give you 6-8 different social media assets.

Share photos from the recording. If you have a guest, tag the guest and encourage your guest to share with their followers.

Record your podcast on video and share the whole episode on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

Take the full episode and cut it into clips of quick highlights. These clips will not only act as teasers to send people to the full episode, they will serve as some of your most engaging social media posts.

You can add these videos permanently to your feed or temporarily in your stories. Quick clips can be shared by your podcast’s guests and fans of the show.

Double the value of your content by repurposing it on social media. Use your podcast to become a social media star and make your brand shine.

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Photo credit: www.distel.co