You want to add listeners to your podcast, and Apple wants to help. Podcast growth has exploded and the Apple Podcasts app now offers over 500,000 active shows. To add to this growth, Apple released an all new Podcast App for the Apple Watch this month..

The growth of the podcast market means increased competition for content makers. A good story and clean audio is just the first step. Marketing your show is more important now than ever, and Apple has some suggestions.

For starters, Apple encourages podcasters to clarify the benefits for the listener, and then communicate them right up front. What are you offering to your audience, and why should they care?

Apple’s tips also include often overlooked aspects of growing a podcast, like artwork and mobile-friendly web design. Great design and thoughtful descriptions can help turn searchers into first time listeners. The vast majority of podcast listeners do so on a mobile device. The podcast page on your website should certainly reflect that.

While iTunes is one of the key drivers of podcast listenership, it’s important to include other listening options for your audience. Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify also have a large base of users. Once your show is listed on these channels, include links to each on your website.

A first-rate marketing strategy wouldn’t be complete without the use of social media, email, and video promotion, and Apple has all three included in it’s list of best practices. Creating short video snippets from your full podcast and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is one of the best ways to introduce new listeners to your show.

Videos are currency of social media, and your social media followers are the most likely prospects to listen to your podcast. Here’s an example from Nashville Guitar Store.


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Taking notes ✏️📓🤓🎸 :: Nashville Guitar Store Podcast – Episode 21 – Will McFarlane

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