Which would you rather listen to, elevator music or The Rusty Bottom Boys?

Oh, you’re not familiar with The Rusty Bottom Boys? Here, have a listen:

Your callers on hold don’t want to listen to elevator music, or worse yet – silence. As a business owner, you don’t want them listening to that stuff either!

Creative message on hold programs are a win/win for both caller and business. A custom program like the one Premier Companies produced for Right Now Air will have callers asking, “Can you put me back on hold?”

Here’s the script to inspire your next message on hold program:

Statement 1

Oh, hello there! Oh boy, well… this is embarrassing. You’ve been put on hold, and as a CUSTOMER SERVICE employee, I just hate to see anyone having to wait! So, I have put together a little “entertainment” for you! You see, our service technicians are multi- talented! Not only are they great at their job, but they also are very musical! So sit back and relax, and enjoy the music of the Rusty Bottom Boys!

“Got no heat, got no air, dirty filter’s filled with hair… it’s time to fix your AC! When the dog is pantin’ hard, your fanin’ arm’s getting tarred. Call us to come fix your AC!”

Statement 2

All right, All right! Enough of these shinanigans! Nothings going to get done by singing about it! So listen up, this is the way it’s going to be! People who call Right Now Air expect the best; DESERVE the best and we’re going to give it them! That’s why all you service men are going to wipe those feet before you walk into the house, show up on time and not a minute late! You’re the top in your field; certified in everything you do!

You’re going to show everyone that you have the experience, skills and qualifications to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems throughout air conditioning systems! So go on… make me proud! Make your mama proud! Now, I sent those vans to the car wash. What’s the hold up?

Statement 3

Oh Dude! I’m just gettin’ these vans all sparkling clean before they hit the road, man! It s our warehouse on wheels and they got to look good to represent Right Now Air shhhaaaaw! I mean, everyone expects a Right Now Air van to be sparkling clean and fully equipped to get the job done…uh…right! I mean, we want to make sure your system is up and running without any delay so that you and your family are well take care of, dude!

To save you time and minimize the hassle, we properly stock all of our service trucks from the warehouse with everything we need to get the job done right, the first time, no wipe outs, man! Just look at how this van sparkles! Huh, what’s that? You never heard about the warehouse? Oh Dude! You need to talk to the warehouse manager and he’s a trip!

Female: Uh, hold on a minute “Dude,” (aside) sorry folks. Before you heads off I just wanted to make sure everybody was being taken care of. I AM in customer service!

Dude: No prob!

Female: Ok, well I’m just wrapping up with another client and will get right back and give you the attention you deserve. So I think you were on your way to the warehouse. Let me get the door for you.

Statement 4

Oh, yah Zess is Franz zee varehouse manager. Everysing here has zee proper place so it i’s ready to go into zee vans! You see vee have all zee best brands viss zee best reputations and varranties in zee industry! No vimpy cry-baby products here! From heat pumps, furnaces, high efficiency filters, and even zee air conditioning equipment, ‘ve have it ready to go! to keep you from melting into zee desert!HE HE

It iss my job to keep everysing organized and ready to stock zee vans so that ve can always give zee best service to everyone who calls Right Now Air! Zee last sing I vant you to sink is zat I sit around all day doing zee Polka!! ok, maybe I do shake my booty a little bit.