There are all sorts of videos your brand could make, but which ones should you make? Here are the 3 videos no business can do without.

The Web Commercial

Think of an extended TV commercial for your website. It should give your audience an overview of who your company is, what it does, and how it benefits customers and it should do that as quickly as possible.

A web commercial should be generalized enough to go on your homepage, but specific enough to introduce the key selling points.

This video could serve as the banner image on your Facebook page, or as an ad introducing your company to a new audience.

If the message is communicated properly, the web commercial is one video you won’t have to replace for quite some time.

Product or Service Showcase

As the name suggests, the product or service showcase highlights the key features of your offerings in a way that text and images simply can’t.

Product videos show online shoppers everything they need to see to buy with confidence from you.

The Explainer Video

The explainer video is often a key component of a business’ communication efforts. It could save you thousands tech support labor hours if your product is even the least bit complex.

It could be the easy answer your most frequently asked questions. Explaining how your product or service works on video may be just what your shoppers need to make a purchase.

No one wants to read article after article trying to figure things out on their own. YouTube is now known for its ability to offer users step by step instructions for accomplishing difficult or unfamiliar tasks. Learning from YouTube user behavior, your business could become the information hub for both customers and prospect using explainer videos.

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