The Official FYZICAL / HOLD PLUS Message On Hold Marketing Center

• 85% of your callers prefer listening to messages while on hold
• 48% of your callers will stay on hold longer if listening to messages
• 40% make buying decisions based on information heard while on hold
• 34% of callers who hang up on hold will not call back


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  • Callers appreciate the attention you offer them while on hold.
    • Educate and entertain callers with service & program details.
    • Every HOLD PLUS message delivers intrigue and curiosity
    • Inspire callers to ask for more details.
    • HOLD PLUS messages are updated each month.

    Your FYZICAL - HOLD PLUS investment is only $349 annually.


  • When your HOLD PLUS service order is received, we'll contact you to confirm all details regarding your phone lines. Within 3 business days, we'll write and email your custom message for you to review/approve. Once approved, within 3 business days we'll record and deliver your new custom HOLD PLUS program.

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HOLD PLUS is a proven solution to: 

• Improve your caller experience      • Positively impact your bottom line
• Comfort your callers on hold      • Effectively up-sell & cross-sell     • Promote special events or activities