Premier Companies presents

We’ve prepared a sample HOLD PLUS program for you to review.
As well, we’ve included a preliminary HOLD PLUS proposal.
I look forward to our call on 3.10.20 @ 3:30p.

Click the arrow below to listen to the HOLD PLUS sample

A preliminary HOLD PLUS proposal:
HOLD PLUS service at each Vitality Living community

Update your message content as often as needed
experienced script writing
seasoned male and female voice talents
20,000 licensed music selections
digital audio production and mastering
use of our MP-3000 digital player if required
Annual investment of only $399 per location (with minimum of 17 locations)
3 year Service Agreement assures stable rate
100% satisfaction guarantee on all equipment and productions

Some HOLD PLUS options:
1. Managers or staff can record ‘on hold’ focused snipits to integrate into your HOLD PLUS programs
2. Residents or family can record ‘on hold’ snipits to integrate into your HOLD PLUS programs
3. We offer a ‘Client Recording’ line to record testimonials in their own voice
4. producing creative ‘vignettes’ makes for a more entertaining HOLD PLUS program

1. If you have a “jingle” we can integrate it into your HOLD PLUS programs

2. If you need an “AUDIO LOGO” we can produce one for you. CLICK HERE to learn more
3. Professional “AUTO ATTENDANT” messages will reinforce your brand and reputation
… we’ll assist in designing your call-routing experience and producing the appropriate messages
4. Voice overs for your on line “VIRTUAL TOURS” will enhance the effectiveness

Communication management fuels the success of your HOLD PLUS service, assuring your callers are always receiving relevant and timely messages. Quality Assurance Calls are made on a scheduled basis to monitor your system… and we’ll proactively implement improvements if necessary.


It’s the People of Premier who bring the value to our services.  The relationships we’ve established with our clients have earned us business partners and lifelong friends… many for over 36 years.  It’s always our objective to provide YOU exactly what you need, when you need it.  You’re here because we’re listening… We continue searching for ways to improve our services to you.  We’re always exploring and we invite you to join us on this journey.