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Thank you for choosing Thrifty Car Rental and Sales. We’re proud of the fact that most of our customers have done business with us before! We want to earn your business and keep you coming back. There’s no high pressure here. A sales representative will be right with you.


Buying a car should be fun. And we at Thrifty Car Sales do all we can to help you drive home in exactly the car you want… with a smile on your face. Your patience is appreciated.


Thanks for thinking of us today. Thrifty Car Sales is part of the __________ auto group, bringing you over ____ years of integrity and tradition in automotive sales and service in the ______ area. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you, as soon as we return to your call.


Thrifty… It’s the name you’ve turned to for years when renting a car. And now it’s the name you can trust when BUYING a car… Thrifty Car Sales. At Thrifty Car Sales, we have an excellent selection of pre-owned cars, trucks, or S.U.V.’s for you to choose from. And with our certification check and free limited warranty, you can be confident in any vehicle you purchase at Thrifty. So the next time you buy, remember… Be smart; buy Thrifty. We’ll be right back to take your call.


M1: So John, how can you afford that new car?

M2: It’s not new. It’s a used car from Thrifty Car Sales.

M1: Thrifty Car SALES?

M2: Yep. They’ve got a great selection of pre-owned vehicles, and the value is incredible.

M1: So are all their cars rental cars?

M2: Nope… They also get some from bank lease returns and program units. They’re late-model, low mileage… Most still have factory warranty remaining. And the after-the-sale service is better than I’ve ever experienced. Hey, man… I suggest that if you wanna be smart, buy Thrifty.


At Thrifty Car Sales, we offer more than just the best quality, late model, pre-owned vehicles at incredible values. We also offer Easy Care® extended service contracts, easy financing, trade-in opportunities and GAP coverage is also available along with much, much more! If you’re looking for the best deal around on a late model vehicles, you’ve found it… At Thrifty Car Sales. You can also visit our website at, Thanks for calling. We’ll be right back to take your call.


How does Thrifty Car Sales sale quality vehicles at such affordable prices? It’s simple, really. Thrifty Car Sales acquires their late model vehicles from the Thrifty Car Rental fleet in addition to some purchased from other quality sources. After a vehicle passes our extensive inspection, it becomes Thrifty Certified and backed by a Thrifty limited warranty. Then it’s offered to you at an unbeatable value! Come see for yourself… Stop by Thrifty Car Sales today!


Having trouble finding the low mileage, late model vehicle of your choice? Thrifty has the answer! Stop by Thrifty Car Sales today, where you’ll find most makes and models. If we don’t have the one you’re looking for, we’ll find it! Just ask us about custom orders when we take your call. At Thrifty Car Sales, you can count on us [fx=arrow] to hit the mark.


[fx=jeopardy music]

F: “I’ll take vehicle types for 800, Bob.”

M: “Janet, for 800 points, the answer is domestic, foreign, economy, luxury, trucks and SUV’s.”

F: “What type of vehicles can you find at Thrifty Car Sales!”


M: “You’re right! That makes you the winner of today’s round!” [fx=applause]


(50’s cruisin’ music) Imagine… You’re cruising in your convertible, the top’s down, your favorite song’s on the radio, your best friend’s along for the ride… And it’s snowing? (buzzer – gruff voice) wrong… (active music) You need a 4 wheeler with the heat cranked, and a cozy blanket to wrap up in. Know what? Thrifty Car Sales has ’em both. That’s right… Sun or snow, Thrifty Car Sales has the right vehicle for you. And imagine… All the colors and options to choose from. Be smart, buy Thrifty.


Just when you thought you were going to buy a new car, you find out that at Thrifty Car Sales you can actually afford TWO new cars. With the excellent selection, certification and the Thrifty warranty, how can you afford not to own 2 new Thrifty cars? Besides, think of how your old car’s gonna look next to your brand new shiny Thrifty car!


Thank you for calling Thrifty. What is the Thrifty advantage? It’s getting the vehicle you want, the warranty you need and the competitive pricing you can afford. So if you’re looking for a great pre-owned vehicle and a peace of mind, check out our selection at Thrifty Car Sales or online at


Welcome to Thrifty Car Sales, where we’ve put an end to the hassle and confrontation of buying a quality pre-owned vehicle. At Thrifty, our friendly dealers don’t believe in one-price thinking. We’ll work to find you the right car for the right price. How does that sound? [fx=cheering] (laugh) You’re welcome. It’s the Thrifty Advantage.


At Thrifty Car Sales, you’ll always find a terrific selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. From imports and S.U.V.’s, to trucks, vans and more… you’ll find it all right here at Thrifty. Best of all, you can count on Thrifty to offer great, low prices, with convenient finance terms available! Stop by Thrifty Car Sales today, and test drive the car of your dreams. Remember… “Be Smart. Buy Thrifty.”


Welcome to Thrifty Car Sales. Your call is important to us. Please remain on the line, and one of our friendly staff members will return momentarily to assist you.


Looking for the perfect pre-owned vehicle? Then you’ve called the right place! Just stop by Thrifty Car Sales today, and let one of our friendly, professional, sales consultants assist you. With quality vehicles, a no-pressure sales approach, and the best rates in town, you’ll see why it’s SMART to buy Thrifty!



One of our customer service representatives will be right with you. You won’t have to go to the bank at Thrifty Car Sales. That’s right! We do it all right here so you won’t have to take time off from work. Plus, we have on-the-spot deliveries in most cases. Come see us at ____________. on Highway ___, just _____ of _______. And check out our web site at for detailed information of our inventory.


Business has been so good here at Thrifty Car Sales in _______, We now have ONE location in order to Serve YOU, our customer better… located at _____________ in _____, With a large inventory selection to help you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle to fit your needs. Stop by today and see for yourself! We’re here to serve you from ___am until __pm Monday thru Friday, and __ to ___ on Saturdays. “Thrifty… for the best used cars in _______.”


There’s nothing like being on the road again in a nearly new car from Thrifty Car Sales. If you’re looking for value and quality, you’ve found it… right here at Thrifty Car Sales. Nationally know, family owned, locally run. Come and see us at _____ __ in _____… Thrifty Car Sales, remember, be smart, buy Thrifty.


Thank you for calling Thrifty Car Sales of Las Vegas. We’re conveniently located at ________. Our hours are __am to __pm Monday through Saturday, __am to __pm on Sundays and don’t forget you can always view our entire inventory on our website at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit us at Thrifty Car Sales today and experience firsthand the Thrifty Advantage.


It’s a GREAT day at Thrifty Car Sales! We now have two convenient locations to serve you. You’ll find our first location between ___________ at Exit ___. And our second location is at ______, just south of ________ in _____. Both locations are open Monday thru Saturday, from __am to ____pm. Why not visit Thrifty Car Sales today? We look forward to serving you!




Did you know that Thrifty Car Sales will take your trade-in? Paid for or not! We need selected trades and can pay top value for you to apply toward your down payment. Thrifty Car Sales has over 15 selected banking and finance sources to provide you with extremely competitive financing on your new vehicle purchase.


Credit problems? You’re in good hands with the folks at Thrifty Car Sales. With our excellent finance sources, most of the time we’ll have you driving home in a heartbeat! We’ll be right back.


At Thrifty Car Sales, we have financing for EVERYONE! Long term or short term… Good or bad credit history… ANY credit situation. We’re pleased to offer our customers financing from a number of different banks with a variety of options. Ask us about our special financing when we return to the line. When it comes to buying a pre-owned vehicle, why buy new? Buy Thrifty.


Thrifty knows that purchasing a vehicle can be rather nerve-wracking, especially if you have past credit struggles. But did you know that Thrifty Car Sales will gladly accept your trade-in? We also offer a wide range of financing options designed to put you in the car you want. You can even pre-apply for your vehicle loan online at There… (smile) We thought you could use a little good news today.


Credit is NEVER a problem at Thrifty Car Sales. With our very own finance company and 10 other major lending institutions in the ______ area, you can rest assured that Thrifty will find the finance option that’s right for you. Ask us about our competitive rates when we return to the line.



Thank you for thinking of Thrifty Car Sales. Thrifty’s fleet and rental return cars have all had a mechanical and general inspection, so you can be confident we care about your safety as well as your satisfaction. We carry the best serviced, best valued used cars you can find! You may check out our inventory at


Be sure to ask us about our extended service contracts that are available on most vehicles. We really care about our customers at Thrifty Car Sales.


Welcome to Thrifty Car Sales. Did you know that every single car that we deliver is certified? That’s right… Every vehicle you purchase from Thrifty has passed an extensive inspection by our own mechanics located at _______ in ______, to become Thrifty Certified, and each one comes with a free, 3 month 3000 mile Thrifty warranty! That’s a 3 month 3000 mile warranty at no charge, with EVERY purchase. With that kind of peace of mind AND over 150 cars to choose from, how can you go wrong? So “be smart. Buy Thrifty.”


At Thrifty Car Sales, we’re as selective about the vehicles we offer as our customers are about the vehicles they buy. That’s why every Thrifty Certified® vehicle must pass an extensive systematic inspection before it can fly the Thrifty Certified® flag. And if a vehicle flies the Thrifty Certified® flag, then our customers can rest assured: it’s backed by either the balance of the factory warranty or a Thrifty Certified® limited warranty.