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RSI 1.1

Roof maintenance is an important factor in the success and longevity of your roof. Periodic inspections may reveal small problems that can be corrected before they turn into big problems. Give yourself some peace of mind and schedule a roof inspection today. Ask us for more details when we return to the line.

RSI 1.2   

Thank you for calling _____. Most homeowners think that once they install a new roof they no longer need to see a roofing contractor for the next twenty to thirty years. Actually, a roof needs to be maintained just like a car, water heater, air conditioner, or furnace. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and discover a leak during the middle of a rainstorm. Most of the time leaks can be prevented with regular inspections by a reliable, honest and professional roofing company. With _____, we ensure you’ll have a safe & sound experience!

RSI 1.3

It’s important to keep your roof in peak condition. At ______, we provide comprehensive and thorough roof and interior inspections inside the home, the attic and throughout the exterior roof field. We’ll carefully examine your flashings, gutters, chimneys, valleys, dormer vents, wood and stucco, ventilation and any other roof related items that may be potential leak hazards. Our certified roof inspectors will point out any potential leak areas that could ultimately lead to interior damage. When it comes to taking care of your home, trust ______… your roof care experts!

RSI 1.4

So often, roof system problems are discovered AFTER leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic inspections can uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles, loose seams and deteriorated flashings, and other visible signs of roof system problems. At __________, we are not only committed to serving your immediate needs, we are committed to helping you protect the investment you already have. Ask us about our preventative maintenance plans when we return to the line!

RSI 1.5

Extend the life of your roof with preventative maintenance plan from ________. Here’s how it works- we inspect your roof and agree on an annual fee, and we ensure that in emergency situations, when a leak or damage appears, you receive first priority service. The agreement includes cleaning and regular inspection, and your roof doesn’t even have to be installed by ________ to qualify. Start enjoying the savings and peace of mind of a ________ maintenance agreement today! Ask us for more details when we return to the line.

RSI 1.6 November Gutter cleaning  *NEW

Clean gutters and valleys are an important factor in the success and longevity of your roof. The month of November is a perfect time to have your home gutters and valleys cleaned before water can back up and cause roofing problems.  Your roof protects you and your family from the elements, ensures your comfort, and is the key essential in protecting one of your biggest investments, your home.  When we return, be sure to schedule an appointment.


RSI 2.1

Thank you for calling _______. We are committed to providing uncompromising products and services to our customers, and conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We are the only full-service company in your neighborhood ready to take the pain and frustration out of fixing your roofing problem. Our service vans are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You can find out more about us on-line at We’ll be right with you!

RSI 2.2

Welcome to ______. It is our mission to provide a unique and professional experience by delivering fast, honest, and reliable service to our customers. We take an innovative approach to our business by educating our clients and giving world class customer care. We pledge to offer the experience and knowledge of our family-oriented company, consistent with our beliefs, values and integrity. With _______, we ensure you’ll have complete peace-of-mind! We appreciate your patience.

RSI 2.3

Is your roof giving you troubles and your budget is limited? You’ve called the right place; we’re experts at repairing roofs until you can afford to replace it! Sometimes a small repair is all that is necessary to give your roof extra years of performance. Schedule one of our highly trained roofing technicians to give your roof a tune-up today! Some one will be right with you.

RSI 2.4

If you’re calling about roofing, you’ve called the right place. We’re experts in both steep roofs and flat roofs and offer services in nearly all types of roofing. Our highly trained roofing technicians are available and willing to install or repair your roof! They take great pride in their workmanship and you’ll sleep better knowing your roof is working and in great shape.
RSI 2.5  

Thank you for calling ________. We encourage you to choose your roofing contractor carefully. Proper installation and experience accounts for sixty-six percent of a roof’s life expectancy and ultimate customer satisfaction! That’s why when you need a roof, you can depend on _________. Our experts are state certified, and have completed nearly one-thousand construction projects successfully during the last twelve months. We’ll be glad to assist you with your roofing or construction needs when we return to the line. And, don’t forget, ______ offers easy financing for all your construction needs. Ask us for details!

RSI 2.6

Welcome to _________. We’re a family owned and operated company, with years of construction experience. We offer a full service staff of fifty administrative and field employees that are drug tested, uniformed and criminally background checked. In addition, our service is not voicemail oriented; instead we provide twenty-four hour, seven days a week live access to address routine and emergency matters. Thank you for trusting _____; we’ll be right back.

RSI 2.7

_________ Roofing does a great job with asphalt, architectural, dimensional and designer shingles as well as stone coated metal, vertical metal panels, wood shake and shingles, slate, composites and commercial or residential seamless flat roofing! But did you also know we are a state licensed general contractor that can help you with your general exterior needs like painting, gutters, soffit-fascia, hurricane windows, doors, foam trim, under deck systems and the like? We focus on making the ordinary become extraordinary, and at the same time making your home or business stand tough to even the most extreme weather conditions.

RSI 2.8

Thanks for calling _______. If a new tile roof is what you need, or just a facelift, we will make your home the jewel of the neighborhood. Our skilled roofing “surgeons” can tell you whether your home needs a new roof or simply a little cosmetic surgery. We offer many colors and styles of tile, along with our Dual Protection Membrane Process and Fail Free Flashing System. Let us give you security and beauty during any storm, and make your next roof the LAST ROOF you ever buy!

RSI 2.9

Thanks for calling_____. Looking for high quality, guaranteed workmanship, and honest prices, all from a family run business with an outstanding reputation for service and reliability? Then ______ is just the roofer for you. At _____ our motto is to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Stop by our showroom today located at ___________________in________. Visit with our staff and find out the difference in roofing by______.

RSI 2.10

Thanks for calling _____. Whether it’s simple repair work or a custom new roof, _______ takes professional roofing seriously. We specialize in commercial roofing and as well as offering a variety of residential roofing services. Whatever your roofing needs are today, we can help!

RSI 2.11

Looking to re-roof? _______ has a variety of options to best fit your structure and budget. Whether your interested in a new roof that is flat or pitched, new construction or eco- friendly, the experienced team at _________ can select the right solution. Ask us for more details when we return to the line.

RSI 2.12

At ____, we do it all! Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential roofing, we provide five star services in all types including shingle, rubber, flat, modified, metal, and structural repairs. Our reputation demands that we fully train our roofers. We may not be the lowest bidder, but we beat the competition with our quality work and top of the line materials. Roofing by ____….you can trust us for honest, reliable, fully insured work.

RSI 2.13

From inspections to installing a variety of preventative maintenance chimney products, ____ can keep your chimney in top shape and your family and home safe. For a list of available services visit us online at Or ask us today about how we can make your chimney cleaner and more energy efficient. We appreciate your call. Someone will be right with you.

RSI 2.14

The most important day in the life of your roof is the day it’s installed! Even the best roofing materials will fail you if they are installed incorrectly. Our expert roofing technicians are trained to do the job right the first time. You will have the peace of mind that your roof was installed correctly. Trust your important investment to us, you’ll be glad you did!
RSI 2.15

______ Roofing has been serving your neighborhood since _____. With over _____ roof installations in your area, we use our experience to create systems that ensure open communication and a worry-free roofing experience. ______’s highly trained roofing specialists are very knowledgeable & experienced in dealing with all aspects of your roofing project. They make it simple for you to understand & choose the right roofing product for your home and neighborhood, as well as ensuring we meet or exceed all city and state building code requirements. Please ask our client care representative how we can schedule your complete roof evaluation when we return to the line; we’ll be right with you.

RSI 2.16  

Homeowners have come to know and appreciate the many things that make _______ Roofing special. They’re so happy with our service; they make it a point to tell others. Listen for yourself:  (please provide a Customer Testimonial)

RSI 2.17  

For more information on us, you can always visit our website at _____dot com! While there, you can download an online coupon with some incredible savings, and you can book future appointments! Thanks again for choosing _____ to take care of your needs. We’ll be with you in one moment.

RSI 2.18   

Do you have a roof that’s more than 15 years old? Are you thinking about having it replaced sometime soon? If not, you may want to. Right now, the Federal government is offering tax credits to homeowners, just like you, to have a new, high-efficiency roof installed!


RSI 3.1

At ______, we understand that a strong, durable roof is the most important part of your home. That’s why we commit to giving you peace of mind that all your roofing needs will be handled with minimal investment capitol, while terminating the agony and damage liability a leaky roof can cause.
RSI 3.2

At ________Roofing, our goal is your complete satisfaction. That’s why we use only the finest materials, and employ only the most highly qualified technicians to install and maintain your roof. If you have a service need today and we can not address it with a price quote over the phone, we will send one of our representatives to your home to asses your problem and provide you with a no cost no obligation estimate of what your repair bill will be. Thank you for your patience, we will be with you momentarily.

RSI 3.3

At _______, we are your tile roofing headquarters! Extend the life of your current tile roof with our exclusive Dual Protection Membrane Process. Our unique underlayment replacement system uses your current roof tiles to affordably secure your roof from costly damage from the next storm. Along with our Fail Free Flashing Guarantee. We guarantee our custom flashings for ninety-nine years or we repair it for free. To learn more, visit us on-line at

RSI 3.4

At ________, we stand behind our work… one hundred percent! That’s why we offer our ten year workmanship guarantee. In our business, we have found that our procedures are the most beneficial for the longevity of your tile roof. Our quality craftsmanship guarantees our workmanship for ten years. That’s right! You can rest easy that you and your roof are well taken care of. To read more about our guarantees, visit us on-line at
RSI 3.5

Thank you for calling _________. Our vision is to be the residential roofing service leader in the _____ area. We are the only full-service roofing company in your neighborhood ready to take the pain and frustration out of fixing your roofing problem. We guarantee our service call arrival times. Ask us about our “We Respect Your Time Guarantee.” Our experienced roofing team service vehicles are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can find out more about us on-line at We’ll be right with you!

RSI 3.6  

Welcome to _____ Roofing, Home of the BulletProof Roof! (gun shots) What’s that you ask? _______ is the only roofing company that backs their roof installations with a 20 year transferable workmanship warranty with manufacturer certified installers that are drug tested for your safety! On top of that if you are not 100% satisfied….it’s FREE!! So whether its time to reroof your existing home or your ready to roof your newly constructed home… _____   is the answer. Please ask us for more details when we return to the line.


RSI 4.1

At ________, we consider every client a member of our family! That’s why we offer twenty-four hour emergency service and repair! If you discover a roof leak during or after a rainstorm, don’t worry…we’re right around the corner. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. Just call us, and we’ll send our Rescue Team right over! We offer temporary tarps and guaranteed expert repairs that we may credit towards your future re-roofing projects. Thank you for placing your trust in ________.

RSI 4.2

At _______, we take pride in educating our customers; that’s why we provide an itemized recommendation checklist when we inspect your home. This checklist will thoroughly point out all of our recommendations, and you can accept or decline any performance at that time… you wont be hassled for your decision, and a record of all work done to your roof will be yours to keep for future maintenance or repair. Remember, the roof is the culprit for a lot of interior damage and losses. So trust the roof experts at ____… [fx thunder] you’ll be glad you did! We’ll be right with you.

RSI 4.3

_____ Roofing’s Referral Program pays you for Referrals! It’s easy & Fun to get extra CASH just for telling your friends and family about our services and they schedule an inspection with our client care representative. Simply go to, and start referring us to everyone you know!

RSI 4.4

_______ Roofing has been serving your neighborhood for over twenty nine years! Our Easy Estimating Process offers a multi-point inspection that includes an Interior & attic inspection, an exterior surrounding inspection and inspecting and measuring your roof. Once you understand your options, we prepare you to make the best decisions for your roofing needs. Our production teams are factory-trained and certified to install your roof with strict safety and clean-up standards. We want to insure your complete satisfaction and attention to details by providing you a Quality Assurance checklist at the completion of your roofing project. We appreciate your business.

RSI 4.5

Roof maintenance is an important factor in the success and longevity of your roof. Periodic inspections may reveal small concerns that can be corrected before they turn into big problems. Your roof protects you and your family from the elements, ensures your comfort, and is the key essential in protecting one of your biggest investments, your home. In order to get the most out of your roof, periodic roof inspections and maintenance are required by all manufactures to validate their warranties. At ______, we offer the _______ Club, roof maintenance program. It comes with an annual 17 point inspection, gutter cleaning, and a whole lot more!
RSI 4.6

At _____, we consider every client a member of our family! That’s why we offer twenty-four hour emergency service and repair! If you discover a roof leak during or after a rainstorm, don’t worry…we’re right around the corner. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. Just call us, and we’ll send our Rescue Team right over! We also run a repair truck five days a week, no job is too small…or too large. We don’t guess at repair prices like most contractors, we offer straight forward pricing! We’ll tell you the charge before we begin, not surprise you in the end! We appreciate your call today.

RSI 4.7 Roof stain removal  *NEW

F:  Ewe!  That’s one ugly roof!

M:  Don’t let ugly stains on your roof put an ugly look on your neighbor’s face!  Trust _____ Roofing to take care of any unsightly stains and mold with our Ugly Stains Roof Cleaning service!   It’s great for removing algae and fungus that thrive or organic materials in composition shingles that literally can drain the life out of your roof. The process is using a solution that is 100% biodegradable and rinsed with a low pressure, high volume water machine. Fantastic for realtors, homeowners, and business owners alike. Room additions can now blend with older roofs!  Ask for details in just a moment.


RSI 5.1

Have you considered a metal roofing system? Both metal panels and metal shingles offer benefits unavailable in other types of roofing systems. Metal roofing products are lightweight, reflect heat and are extremely durable. They are available in a wide range of exciting colors not possible in other types of roofing materials. Ask us for more details when we return to the line.

RSI 5.2

Who said that flat roofs have to be black, hot, dirty and smelly? We provide roofing materials for flat roofs that are clean, lightweight, nearly odorless and available in a variety of colors including white for maximum heat reflectivity. You don’t have to worry about oils leaching into the run-off and polluting our streams, either, as these membranes have been approved for drinking water containment!

RSI 5.3

When you need a roof… you can count on _____. Whether you’re looking for an asphalt roof that can withstand winds up to one-hundred ,thirty miles per hour by Owens Corning or Elk, or stone coated metal roofing by Metro or Decra, you can trust the experts at ____ to use only name brands you can trust, and the expertise to get the job done right. In addition, ___ offers vertical metal panel roofing, like Five V Crimp and Nail Strip, as well as Seamless Rubber Roofing that stops flat roof leaks!

RSI 5.4  

______ Roofing offers the _______ Club Membership to not only add years to the life of your roof, but also to detect minor problems before damage becomes widespread. Club members receive the advantage of a 17-point safety analysis, attic & ventilation analysis, skylight & gutter cleaning, roof debris removal and even 10 percent savings off any other services. Ask our client care representative how you can become a member. We’ll be right with you.  

RSI 5.5  

Thank you for calling _____. We’ll be with you in a just a moment. In the meantime, did you know it’s easier than ever to have a green, energy-efficient home? It’s true!  Ask us for more information when we return in just a moment.

RSI 5.6  

With 80 percent of homes without proper insulation and 90 percent of homes without proper attic ventilation, it’s highly likely that you could drastically lower your energy bills! In fact, you could reduce them as much as 34 percent.  Ask us how when we return to the line.

RSI 5.7  

When we come back on the line, tell our representative that you’re tired of overpaying the energy company, and you don’t want to anymore! At _____ Roofing, we specialize in eliminating insulation and ventilation problems, so you can start enjoying a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home!

RSI 5.8  

You see, at ______, we’re one of the few contractors in North America who are Green Screened approved. Only one percent of contractors receive this distinction! We work hard to help you, the homeowner, and Mother Nature! In fact, we’re so committed to the green movement that you can receive a free inspection and energy analysis on your roof and attic for FREE! Just ask us how when we come back on the line!

RSI 5.9  

These new high-efficiency roofs could lower your home’s energy use up to 30 percent! If your air conditioner isn’t asked to work as hard to keep you cool, it won’t age rapidly! These new, high-efficiency roofs could add five or more years to your air conditioners life! Plus, they last 50 to 100 percent longer than traditional roofs! A new, high-efficiency roof could be the last roof you ever need to buy!

RSI 5.10

When we come back on the line, ask our representative about this Federal tax credit that will PAY YOU to have a new roof built. This is FREE money! Also, take a moment to ask about these new, high-efficiency roofs. You’ll be shocked to see how they can eliminate bloated energy bills and add years to your A/C’s life. And because at ____ we’re among the one percent of contractor’s in North America that are Green Screened approved, we receive special pricing on high-efficiency roofing materials. These savings are passed directly onto YOU!

RSI 5.11

Please, don’t delay in asking about the Federal tax credit. It’s only available for a very limited time. Every other company and corporation is getting a bailout. This is your opportunity to get one yourself! And our representative can explain how you can claim that money!

RSI 5.12

Thank you for calling ______. Did you know that we manufacture in house or on-site standing seam metal roofing with our portable roll former, and custom make all your trims and flashings on a state of the art folding machine? We also make roof vents, gable vents, chimney caps, cupolas, and more! Whatever your need is….you’ve got the right place for all your metal needs!

RSI 5.13

Thanks for calling _____. We’re your one stop for all your roofing needs! Whether it’s simple repair work or a custom new roof, ____ takes professional roofing seriously. We specialize in metal, tile, asphalt, low slope and flat roofs! Whatever your roofing needs are today, we can help!

RSI 5.14  How much should a roof cost?  
How much should your roof cost to replace?  Is this is the first thing to pop into your mind when a contractor tells you that you can’t repair your roof and it is in need of a replacement; and soon?  If so, join the club, we all want to know how much it costs.  We all want to know how much is too much to pay for a roof replacement.  When we return, please take a moment and ask us about the different components to replacing your roof.

RSI 5.15 Roof Repair  

We all know the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Here’s some tips for keeping your roof in good condition!  Be sure to schedule a routine check up every 5 years to identify potential problems and repair them before a leak.  Also, it’s critical to have an inspection after your area has been hit with damaging weather just in case you have damage that insurance companies will pay for.  When we return, be sure to ask about scheduling a check up for your roof!