Partner Program

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What’s included in a HOLD PLUS Service Package?

  1. Professionally produced HOLD PLUS music and message programs:
    • Experienced script writing  • Professional voice talents  • Licensed music and FX
    • World class quality digital production
  2. FREE use of our digital message computer:
    • If you need equipment, we don’t require you to purchase or maintain any equipment and we include all installation cables and instructions.
  3. Rates are based on a 3 year service agreement with annual pre-payment:
    • 1 custom program per year = only $579 annually
    • 4 custom programs per year = only $879 annually
    • 12 custom programs per year = only $1,679 annually
    Or we’ll build the package that suits your needs and your rate also guaranteed not to increase, based on our 3 year Service Agreement
  4. A solid 100% satisfaction guarantee on all equipment and productions. 

PARTNER with Premier and receive:

  1. A complimentary custom HOLD PLUS production for your business telephone
  2. A complimentary custom HOLD PLUS web page to direct your interested customers to and it answers their questions and promotes them purchasing HOLD PLUS from you
  3. Compensation for each qualified customer inquiry and product purchase

Ask your customers… “What’s your hold button doing for you?”

Callers stay on the line up to 25% longer when provided with messages on hold versus “dead air” or “background music,” and up to 17% longer than radio. – Infomax, Inc.

Studies show that after an average of 1 minute and 55 seconds of hold time most callers hang up annoyed. 34% of those callers who hang up will not call back. – Small Business Chronicle

94% of all marketing budgets are spent on inducing a customer to call, but only 6% of budgets are spent on handling the call once it is received.”  Inbound Telephone Call Center