Since 1984, Premier remains a sought-after leader in the message-on-hold industry and has earned business from many international firms as well as thousands of local enterprises. What’s our secret? Our dedicated people, quality, creative work and our commitment to detail.

Our HOLD PLUS brand has become an industry standard, one that others follow and emulate – except we’re always ahead of the curve with quality and creativity! Listen for yourself.

Right Now Air asked us to entertain their callers… instead of bore them… The result… Owner, Scott Meier says “You hit a home run.”
My Second Home Pet Resort wanted something different.  The response, “Our clients are asking to be put back on hold.  They absolutely love it.”
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing was looking for something like “Benjamin says…” We’ve produced a library of “Benjamin says…” statements for them.
Neighborcare’s comment was for something fun…”fun like a game show…” Game shows are a specialty for us now.
Volkswagen introduced the Jetta… made for dudes!  So we introduced the dude. Brand Manager, Glenn Krueger fell in love with it and requested more.
F&M Bank used boring messages for years till they requested something fresh and different. Something their customers would talk about… and we suggested this.



Our Voice actors are the personalities who deliver messages to your callers just how you want.  Both seasoned male & female voice talents, of all ages – some with accents and some with style.  We learn from you, what image you’re looking to portray and we employ the voices to deliver exactly that personality.



Music provides a backdrop for most of our programs and sets the mood.  From Bach to Rock, Classic to Classy, Moderate to Modern – Name an artist, genre or style… We have that!



You can easily spice up the entertainment with Sound Effects to bring your messages to life.  Whatever your message, we’ll bring you the FX to cause your callers to grin!



The Script is where it all begins and our clients enjoy that they can get involved as much…or as little as they want, in the scripting process…  Our Production Team includes writers and educators whom our clients claim are “entertaining”… we claim they’re good at what they do.



Delivering your messages to your callers demands quality… may require intricate timing… perhaps you desire control over several locations from a central office… maybe you require no or limited end-user involvement… Whatever your needs… We’re staying ahead of the technology curve when it comes to Telephony Hardware.

Our MP-3000 systems are Rugged, Simple, and driven by MP3 files.
We email you the file…
You place in on the flash drive…
Callers hear crystal clear messages.
We pioneered remote load technology…
With our super reliable RL-7000 unit.
No end-user involvement…
Interface to existing phone line…
Programs remotely load overnight…
Efficient, secure and speedy updates.
All equipment accompanied with install, support and access to our Tech Support Team 24/7…



Communication management fuels the success of your HOLD PLUS service, assuring your customers are always receiving relevant and timely messages. Quality Assurance Calls are made on a scheduled basis to monitor your system… and we’ll proactively implement improvements if necessary.


It’s the People of Premier who bring the value to our services.  The relationships we’ve established with our clients have earned us business partners and lifelong friends… many for over 38 years.  It’s always our objective to provide YOU exactly what you need, when you need it.  You’re here because we’re listening… We continue searching for ways to improve our services to you.  We’re always exploring and we invite you to join us on this journey.