Family and friends,
Thank you for the continued outpouring of love, prayer, and support. Your faith and encouragement means more than we can say.
In an effort to keep all of you informed and up to date, no matter where you are in the world, we have created this page as a place to post my current status and recent progress. Please share this link to any and all who are thinking of us and praying for us at this time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Mark, Ellen, and Family


Sunday 1.21.24 @ 4am
Well here’s an update…
Have been feeling minor chest discomfort for a couple days… decided to go to St Thomas hospital last night, Sat 1.20.24 at midnight… Blood work, X-ray, CT scan, answered lots of questions… Result= I had a small heart attack… So, blood enzymes are elevated… CT shows calcium on arteries… Possible blockage… EKG is normal… Plan= Cardiac Cath to learn if there’s blockage… likelihood to insert a stent or 2 or more if needed… Procedure tentatively planned for 8a tomorrow, Monday 1.22.24… back home tomorrow Eve… Pray please for no or little blockage… for successful stent procedure is required… for Dr Koenig who is very experienced and seems confident this will be a success… God has been very good to me for 65 years… I’m believing he’s got more planned in my life… I appreciate your prayers for Ellen and our family… I haven’t slept since Friday night… I’d LOVE to talk with you… However I appreciate you letting me rest for a while… Text if you wish… I’ll provide updates as available… If you’re reading this, I love you…

Monday 1.22.24 @ 9a
I went in for a stent or 2… I Learned they inserted only 1 stent in the right coronary which was 99% blocked… I felt fine most of Monday till about 6:30p when something in my circumstances changed. I’m told at ~ 7:30pm, I coded which means my heart stopped beating.  Obviously, I wasn’t around, but I was told my jaw locked causing me to bite my cheek, my lip, my tongue and not let go.  This has caused great pain in my mouth even today.  It is still difficult to eat today.  That cath remained in place through late Thursday. I’m told they administered CPR for 10 minutes by multiple people and my chest was badly beat up; black and blue all over with severe chest pain. It feels like an ape beat on my chest. Then, they applied the defibrillators which burned marks into my chest and brought me back to life.  At some point my jaw released and they inserted an intubation tube in my throat making it very painful to talk, eat or swallow to this day.  They took me into the cath lab and inserted another catheter into my groin to get to my heart, saw the stent had failed, put a balloon in and cleaned out the blood clots (only 1-2% of stents develop clots) and decided not to put a stent in the other artery yet. They inserted a urinary catheter as well.

Monday evening, all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday and until late Thursday, I was in ICU recovering from this code incident. Many employees both from the cath department and ICU mentioned they had never seen someone recover this strongly so quickly.  In 12 hours, I was sitting in a chair.  All my vitals had returned 100%. The doctors and all the nurses continued to state my heart is very strong and pumping just fine.  I WAS IN MAJOR PAIN.

I got home Friday afternoon the 26th.

Saturday 1.27.24 @9p
Thank GOD100s of people, maybe even 1000s are praying for me.  Many of you would like a verbal update.  Based  on my strength and resources that simply is not possible.  Today I am so weak I can barely talk. I can barely get out of bed.  And, my day to day functioning is my lowest ever. This is the best I can do today.  Please continue to check back here as I’ll update this page as strength allows.

Sunday 2.4.24 @2p
Dr. appointment earlier in the week was positive. I have a long way to go to recover and be ready for the next procedure.  Next appointment is now scheduled for 2.27 to review progress.  If all meets requirements, I’ll go in on 2.28 for an out patient procedure to place a 2nd stent.  The plan is to be back home that afternoon.  At this point I’ll go thru Cardiac Rehab and head back to 100%… which for me is where I need to be headed.

I’d claim Thursday the 1st  was a turning point.  I sat up more than ever and went out to get about 90 min of sun.  I’m grateful for my brother visiting this week.  He provided some needed labor and encouragement.  All the local children have been lending assistance and I can’t say enough about how Ellen has covered me.  God has truly surrounded me with the best family.  I believe this recovery process will be weeks long. Any major updates, I will post here. Please continue to visit over the next month or so.

Monday 2.12.24 @noon
Visited on Wednesday the 7th with a 2nd opinion Dr. for 90 minutes.  He is part of the St Thomas team and has full access to the procedure films and case file.  He provided a very clear explanation of what the original procedure involved and why there was an issue.  Only 5% of these procedures have issues.  Seems that what has been done is permanent and can’ t be changed. I’ll visit the original Dr on the 27th to review my health status (I plan to be in the best shape I can).  If all looks good, I’ll go back in on the 28th for an outpatient procedure to place a second stent.  While they are in the heart with a cath, they’ll be able to review and analyze the 1st stent placement and it’s current functioning.  Mean time I’m slow, weak and tired.  Every day gets a bit better so I’m encouraged.  

Ellen and I had booked a trip to Denver to Visit her son Jim, a train ride thru the snow covered mountains to Salt Lake, then a few days with my son Christian, wife Caitlin, grandson Shepherd and new grand daughter Hosanna.  Obviously we had to cancel that trip.  So Christian and Shepherd called to announce they were coming to visit Gramps for a week.  I was ecstatic.  When they arrived on the 7th I was surprised to see Caitlin and Hosanna as well.  I cried and it hurt SOOO bad.  It’s been a pleasure having them stay with us this past week.  Stay tuned and please keep praying.

I live daily by Proverbs 15:16 – I’d like to encourage you to read it and do the same