Why LOBBY PLUS music?

Creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your customers and prospects is a vital part of operating your business.  When guests enter your establishment what do they hear?

The local radio – your competitors ads – negative news – an employees online play list – offensive lyrics – silence?

Don’t underestimate the value of music to influence your guests and improve their business experience with you.  You’ll change the way they feel as soon as they enter your door by playing LOBBY PLUS music.

  • Customers feel more comfortable and will spend more in your establishment
  • They recognize that you’re paying attention to details and perceive a higher quality experience  
  • Music makes waiting time pass more quickly
  • It helps increase staff morale and attitude

Venture one step beyond background music and talk directly to your guests with LOBBY PLUS messaging.
Music and marketing messages improve product awareness, reinforce your branding, and increase sales and revenue.

  • 69% of shoppers spend 30 minutes or more in a retail store
  • 43% recall hearing audio messages while shopping
  • 54% of bank customers recall hearing music and messages during their visit
  • 37% of retail customers were influenced to purchase from a message they heard while shopping 

LOBBY PLUS messaging for your lobby, restaurant, waiting room or retail floor is an important part of the experience for your customers.  Your business is faced with limited opportunities to attract and connect with consumers.  LOBBY PLUS messaging is targeted and highly effective at entertaining your customers and influencing their shopping habits, waiting experience and buying decisions.

Enjoy a sampling of LOBBY PLUS music & messaging:

Acoustic Music

General Music

Pop Music

Holiday Music