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At Premier Companies, creating your HOLD PLUS program is easy!

Each HOLD PLUS program includes 4 to 6 statements. You can get involved in the script writing process as much, or as little as you want.

To get started, you will provide several bullet points, reference materials, and basic direction. Within 4 business days, we’ll write and email the entire script to you. After you approve the script, your HOLD PLUS program will be produced within 4 business days.

Here are the simple steps to creating your script:

  • E-mail us several bullet points, reference materials & basic direction
  • Within 4 days we’ll write your script and email it for your review
  • Once you approve, we’ll produce your HOLD PLUS program within 4 days

Before getting started you may want to review some example scripts:

Review Sample Scripts


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Complete the form below and press the SUBMIT button. We’ll reply to confirm we’ve received your information and we’ll call if we have any questions. (copy the information you submit here to your computer… just in case the gremlins find it before it gets to us)  If you prefer, you can always email us at: