HOLD PLUS Plans & Pricing

HOLD PLUS is a turn-key service providing the required equipment, experienced script writing, seasoned voice talents, licensed music, professional digital production, and outstanding customer service.

Productions can be delivered in digital format via email, remotely via standard phone line, on tape, or CD.

HOLD PLUS rates are based on a 3 year Service and License Agreement with annual pre-payment.  All packages include FREE use of our digital message computer if required,  experienced script writing, seasoned voice talentslicensed music and sound effects, broadcast quality digital production, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • 1 custom HOLD PLUS production per year: $ 579 annually
  • 2 custom HOLD PLUS productions per year: $ 679 annually
  • 4 custom HOLD PLUS productions per year: $ 879 annually
  • 12 custom HOLD PLUS productions per year: $1679 annually
    • Additional HOLD PLUS programs or sites available at a reduced rate
  • custom IVR, auto attendant and info mailbox message rates quoted per job

There are NO initial set-up fees or additional hidden charges.

The Premier team understands customer service, marketing and communications. For years to come, you’re callers will appreciate the attention you afford them while they’re on hold.

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