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HT 1.1  Lively 1  *NEW

Allow us to introduce Lively, a new seating family that brings advanced features and a light scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done.  The Lively seating family features an ideal blend of comfort-enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and fresh design.  It’s affordable without compromise, and it thrives in the thick of the action.

HT 1.2 Lively 2  *NEW

[Fx hear beat]  Do you love your office chair?  You will with the new Lively office chair from Haworth!  Allow us to introduce Lively, a new seating family designed by Steve Nemeth and the Haworth Design Studio.  Lively brings advanced features and a light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done.  As small and mid-sized businesses are at the heart of driving the economy, they and their employees need a comfortable, inspiring environment to do their mind’s best work- at a budget-friendly price!

HT 1.3 Lively 3  *NEW

[Fx movie trailer music]  In a world of uncomfortable work chairs; hurting lower backs and slouched posture comes a new office chair like no other.  [fx music swells]   Haworth productions introduces the new Lively!  Possessing the perfect blend of comfort-enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design; it’s affordable without compromise, and it thrives in the thick of the action!  Visit your local Haworth dealer for show times!

HT 1.4 Lively 4 *NEW

Male:  Working hard?

Female: Phew!

Male:  Go ahead, take a load off!  There’s a lot of work to be done, so when it comes to comfort, you just gotta have it!  Be sure to ask about the new Lively office chair from Haworth today!

Female:  Ahhhh!

HT 1.5 Lively 5 *NEW

Haworth is proud to present the new Lively office chair!  With Lively, you benefit from Haworth’s industry-leading research in ergonomics and human performance.  From the seat depth to the forward tilt and lumbar support to the adjustable arms, Lively is engineered to rest and relax your body, opening the opportunity for you to seek the motivation and inspiration you need to get that next project finished!

HT 1.6 Fern Chair *NEW

Allow us to introduce Fern, the world’s first chair designed with edgeless comfort. Inspired by nature, Fern puts the person at the center of work with new levels of balance, flexibility, and performance. Fern accommodates the diverse working population with new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. Research-driven, Fern’s ergonomic innovations provide total back support and respond to your every movement. Fern provides a new solution for the changing nature of work and the workplace. It represents a movement in business leadership that recognizes the importance and value of designing workspaces that engage people and enhance their comfort, health, and well-being. Recognized by Interior Design Magazine with the Best of Year Award for task seating, see if Fern is right for your office.

HT 1.7 Immerse *NEW

Human beings are social creatures. We crave interaction and thrive in moments of spontaneity. Immerse worksurfaces were thoughtfully designed to help us connect, collaborate, and engage. The tables create a welcoming atmosphere in the workplace where serendipity can flourish. Creativity and innovation can take shape at a moments notice with Immerse. A catalyst for spontaneous collaboration, each worksurface creates a social hub that invites serendipity, variety, and choice in the workplace.Culture cant be forced or manufactured. But it can be nurtured. Immerse captures the feeling of home in the workplace. Warm and welcoming, the tables comfortable, people-centric design keeps everyone inspired and engaged.Its proven. Healthy humans create positive energy that delivers better performance in the workplace. Immerse focuses on our natural movements, creating a landscape for you to sit, stand, and support your overall well-being.

HT 1.8 Poppy Seating *NEW

As workstyles flex and change, so do expectations about work environments. Wherever she goes, Poppy embodies the welcoming aura of residential comfort and warmth people are looking for. Here, there, and everywhere in between that’s where today’s workers get things done. From meeting rooms to lobbies, touchdown spaces and offices, Poppy is always a welcoming presence. Beauty comes in many shades, sometimes playful and unexpected, other times classically simple. With a range of upholstery possibilities and three base options, Poppy offers an abundance of opportunities and expressions of personality and culture.

HT 1.9 Compose Connections *NEW

Designed for the open plan office environment, Compose Connections is a highly dynamic, non-panel system solution that delineates space and provides flexible access to power and data for today’s ever-changing work environment. Based on the same dimensions as Compose systems and the Haworth Integrated Paletteproducts that all work logically togetherCompose Connections lets you extend a single aesthetic with agile, light-scale elements. Compose Connections optimizes spine-based planning to provide power and data in a flexible and easy way, so people can move from task to task without wasting time seeking connection ports. It is an adaptable platform designed for change, Compose Connections creates cost-effective reconfigurations and leverages existing standard Compose panel applications.

HT 1.10 Bluescape *NEW

Bluescape is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. Through this new technology platform, decision-makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem-solving with teams and executives around the world.


HT2.1 Zody

Have you met Zody? Offering science-based wellness and comfort, best-in-class sustainability, and superior international design, Zody is a mid-priced task chair with a higher level of aesthetic refinement aimed to compliment, not dominate. If you’re looking for a healthy, reliable, performance-driven task chair with both functionality and comfort, then Zody is for you.

HT2.2 Compose

You don’t have to forfeit great design for integration and adaptability. With Haworth’s Compose system, you get it all! Simple yet sophisticated, Compose lets you create unique spaces for all your needs. And, it’s a strong, stable system that can withstand every day use, as well as frequent reconfigurations. Compose your interiors with greater freedom, intelligent design, and precision engineering. We’d love to talk with you about Compose!

HT2.3 SIU/Furniture Solutions

Do you need innovative office furniture at a moment’s notice? Haworth’s furniture solutions offer you countless workspace options. And, we provide fast, efficient delivery. What’s more, we will help you design, specify, order, and install your workspace. Haworth furniture solutions are cost effective and available today!

HT2.4 Certified Installation

Once you’ve chosen Haworth furniture, how will your office take shape? Haworth offers Certified Installation Technicians to provide accurate and timely assembly of your furniture solution. All technicians meet Haworth’s professional criteria to ensure the job is done right the first time. Certified Installation is just another way Haworth makes your space work for you.

HT2.5 Sustainability

At Haworth, we believe striving for sustainability is our corporate responsibility. For us, a sustainable approach to business is one that preserves and restores the natural environment, supports and strengthens communities, and continually creates economic value. Our solutions reduce consumer energy, space occupancy, and construction materials. At Haworth, we incorporate sustainability into everything we do.

HT2.6 Adaptable Workspaces

An adaptable workspace is a valuable asset to any company. Haworth specializes in adaptable workspace design that inspires, without sacrificing utility. In the business world, adaptability is a priority. With an integrated product platform, Haworth offers moveable walls, systems, and flooring solutions designed to work together. Creating seamless environments is easier than ever before. Haworth adaptable workspaces are inspired by today and ready for tomorrow.

HT2.7 Designed Performance

Haworth takes a holistic approach to workspace design. We’ve spent years studying the way people work and this knowledge lets you create dynamic, adaptable environments characteristic of your company’s personality. Purposefully designed to fit the changing needs of the people who inhabit them, Haworth workspaces enhance productivity, profitability, and quality of life. Distinguish your space and your identity with designed performance by Haworth.

HT2.8 Candor

Just like its name, Candor is straightforward and open. Introducing Haworth’s newest family of wood guest chairs, Candor balances elegant design with a friendly dash of personality, raising the bar for entry-level wood seating. With quality craftsmanship, clean lines and environmentally-friendly materials, Candor fits in with any space. Candor is equally at home in both the law office and the design agency, so go ahead and put Candor wherever you need strong, beautifully-designed seating for your guests. Whether in a conference room or a private office, a hospitality suite or open-plan system, Candor’s slim frame and straightforward lines will fit right in with your organization’s unique look and style. Candor is available in two distinct design options, Candor Classic or Candor Modern, each with subtle variations in leg and back design. Beautiful, Affordable, Sustainable, slip some Candor into your work environment.

HT2.9 Planes Collection

Inspire functionality in your workplace. Introducing the Planes Collection, a line of conference and collaborative tables, carts, credenzas, easels and more, a beautiful addition to any space. At the core of the collection is the Planes table – a sleek, ideally proportioned design with options that appeal to virtually every taste and personality. From a sophisticated, formal air to something more contemporary and athletic, Planes offers the right shapes scale and finishes to enhance any space. With more than 80,000 distinct combinations to suit your organization’s unique objective and style, Planes provides the scope and flexibility to create exactly the environment you need. Plus Planes easily integrates with other Haworth products – Compose, Enclose and Patterns – creating a holistic design platform within your workspace.

HT2.10 Very Task Chair

A notable member of the award-winning Very seating family, the Very Task chair is all about science-led comfort. Designed by the Haworth Design Studio, the Very Task chair’s top characteristics include its universal appeal, wide range of application, sustainability, remarkable scope of color, and innovative options. Make sure to complement your Very Task chair with a range of Very seating, including the Conference, Seminar, Side, and Wire Stacking chairs, for a consistent aesthetic throughout your space. Very Smart. Very Versatile. Very Responsible

HT2.11 Compose Wood Storage Enhancements

Thank you for calling. Building upon Compose Systems wood enhancements introduced in 2009, Compose Wood Storage Enhancements allow Haworth products to address a new level in the design driven market providing our clients with a wood storage system superior to that of any competitor in the systems market today. Want to know more? Just ask about Compose Wood Storage Enhancements today.

HT 2.12 Enclose Frameless Glass Walls

Enclose Moveable Walls are now enhanced with Enclose Frameless Glass; a harmonious, frameless, glass wall option that integrates with and complements base building architecture such as columns, ceilings, exterior walls, and conventional drywall as well as Enclose and LifeSPACE Moveable Walls. Designed by Nathan Shedd, Haworth Designer, Enclose Frameless Glass Walls feature the lowest base profile in the industry today. It’s clean and classic design has an almost endless span capability. Minimal framing elements and the intrinsic translucence of glass make it ideal for storefront applications, conference spaces, and iconic presentation areas where maximum transparency is desired.


HT3.1 Location & Hours

Welcome to _____, where we will exceed your expectations… every time! You’ll find us conveniently located at _____, just off of I-___ in _____. Our professional staff is here to serve you Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. Stop by today and check out our great selection of office products from Haworth, offering the best selection of office furniture in the industry.

HT3.2 Facts & Web site

The average workers spends more than 1/3 of their lives in the office. So, why not make the workplace an attractive and inviting setting? At ______ we sell, design and install beautiful contract office furniture, bringing life to the office atmosphere with color-rich sophistication. And when we commit to you, you can hold us to it. Drop by our showroom today and see for yourself, or view our entire inventory online at ______.com. At Haworth, we’re here to achieve your 100 percent customer satisfaction every time we do business with you.

HT3.3 Our Team

Welcome to _______. We understand that it takes knowing your needs to effectively MEET those needs. That’s why we offer you your own design and project management team to oversee your office project from idea to completion. The team members will ensure specifications, coordination of installation and design integrity… and they will double-check everything as your project progresses, leaving no room for mistakes. Find out how to get started in just a moment.

HT3.4 Software

No matter the space, _____ has the solution! Our team can tailor plans to your exact specifications, providing you with work stations that are more efficient, more cost effective, and more productive. Best of all, our sophisticated visualization and specification software allows us to create 3-D graphic images of furniture BEFORE you buy. So you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice.

HT3.5 History

At ______, we specialize in developing solutions that meet your unique needs. Since ____, we have been a full service office furnishings dealership, offering the best selection and highest quality of executive furniture, seating, panel systems and interior finishes. Visit our showroom at _____ today… and see what ______can do you for you!

HT3.6 Real Solutions

From the boardroom to the professional office to the lunchroom, _____ has the furniture to meet the needs of your entire facility. In addition to our extensive selection of furniture, we also offer a variety of fabrics and finish collections to make your work environment unique. If real furnishing solutions are what you’re looking for, look no further than ______.

HT3.7 New Systems Furniture

Why buy used systems furniture when you can buy a new, custom furniture system AND save money in the long run? At _______, we offer furniture solutions you’ll love with warranty coverage you can count on. Add in possible tax benefits, and there’s no comparison… a furniture system from Haworth is the way to go! Our staff will help you design and implement a plan that makes the most of your current space while easily adapting for future growth. Stop by our showroom today!

HT3.8 Community Involvement

At _______, we are proud to be a part of our community. Through membership and support, we enjoy our involvement with a number of local organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, _____ Boys & Girls Club, and Stargazers of _____. And after ___years in business, our commitment to serving the people of _____ and surrounding areas remains as strong as ever. Let us know what we can do for you today.