Harley-Davidson HOLD PLUS Script Builder

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At Premier Companies, we make updating your HOLD PLUS program easy!  You can choose 4 to 6 statements from below and either use them AS IS or modify the statements to fit your needs.  If you have a topic that is not covered in this script builder, we can use bullet points to write something custom.

Here are the steps to creating your script:
1. Choose 4 to 6 statements from the script builder
2. Modify the statements (if necessary)
3. Provide us with specific information to write custom statements (if necessary)
4. Complete the form below and press SUBMIT to request updated HOLD PLUS messages

Once we receive your information, give the scripting process generally 4 business days
Approved scripts are typically then produced within 4 business days
If you have any questions or if you need assistance, contact The Production Team at (800) 298-2222 Ext: 232

1. General

Statement 1.1 – True Ride
There are two ways to build a motorcycle; their way and the right way. At _____ Harley Davidson, the points of difference stand out right away. We don’t skimp on the tooled leather and detailing. Stop by ____ Harley Davidson and check out what makes a Harley so right today!

Statement 1.2 – Adventure
There aren’t many options left for the person seeking pure, unadulterated adventure. [Fx Harley engine] Luckily, the excitement-hungry can still climb on a Harley-Davidson and finding the exhilaration they crave on the open road. Why not stop by ____ Harley Davidson and let us help you choose your next ride to adventure.

Statement 1.3  – Freedom
There’s nothing like the feeling of climbing on top a rumbling Harley-Davidson and leaving it all behind in the dust, even if it’s only for a little while. At ____ Harley Davidson, you’ll find everything you need to set yourself free to hit the open road!

Statement 1.4 – Nothin’ Like A Harley
[fx=Harley engine] There’s nothing like a Harley. Wind in your hair, sun in your face… and the power of an authentic Harley engine ready to take you wherever you want to go. Why not experience it today for yourself? With low interest rates, and a wide range of finance options available, there’s never been a better time to buy a Harley!

Statement 1.5 -H-D Experience
[fx=Harley engine] If you have one you know… owning a Harley is just the beginning. Don’t you think it’s time you discovered what the rest of us already know? Find out what a Harley is all about today at ________ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 1.6 – Your Dream Bike
You remember… when you were a kid, your bike was never fast enough, big enough, or loud enough. Because deep down, you really wanted a Harley. So what are you waiting for? The team at _______ Harley-Davidson is ready to build the perfect bike for you. Step into ____ Harley today, and let us turn your dream into a reality.

Statement 1.7 – Ladies
[fx=Harley engine-drive away] Ladies! Want to know why Harley-Davidson is perfect for you? Visit Harley-Davidson of _____ to choose a Sportster, Street, Softail, Touring, or the Livewire electric. And on your next trip, make HIM sit in the back. Stop in for a demo ride today!

Statement 1.8 – Feel so Good
Did you ever dream that freedom could feel so good? Rolling on the throttle, leaning into the sun, cruising down the road. You’re on the line right now thinking about the awesome mystique of owning a Harley-Davidson; 103 cubic inches, 6 speed tranys, screaming eagle… man, it doesn’t get any better! Hang up and get on down to ________ now!

Statement 1.9 – Upgrades and Trades
Ready for an upgrade? At _____ Harley Davidson, we have all the new 2023 models to choose from, and used bike values are rising. Come take a new Harley on a test ride, see which one you like best. Once you’ve got your 2023 picked out, we can evaluate your old bike and tell you how much it’s worth. Ask to speak to one of our sales professionals for all the details when we return.

Statement 1.10 – Trade In
Did you know, we take just about anything in on trade? Add to that our extremely competitive financing options and you can’t go wrong. As a direct lender for Harley-Davidson Finance, AND local Credit Unions, we have the financing you need to start riding today!

Statement 1.11 – PreOwned
At ______ Harley-Davidson, we have a great selection of preowned units to get you started: baggers, softails, dynas and sportsters.  We also offer low interest financing!  Discover freedom on a preowned Harley from ______ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 1.12 – Fuel Efficient
Gas prices bumming you out? Harley-Davidson motorcycles can get up to 50 miles per gallon on average! When you take advantage of our Nitrogen air fills for your tires, you’ll stretch your fuel economy even more! Ask our friendly service department how Nitrogen air can enhance your ride.

Statement 1.13 – MVP
Have you joined  ______ Harley Davidson’s Motorcycle Value Program? The MVP program is designed with our customers in mind. No more waiting to enjoy the rewards like other programs! Simply save money everyday with special discounts, and “members only” offers and benefits. Ask how to save with MVP when we return.

Statement 1.14 – Bronze Bar and Shield Dealer Award
[Fx party noise] Congratulations to ____ Harley Davidson for receiving the Bronze Bar and Shield Dealer Harley Davidson Circle of Excellence Award! This award is based on their motorcycle sales performance, and an evaluation of customer service and satisfaction!  Stop by today and see why  _____ Harley Davidson has so many loyal customers.

Statement 1.15 – Customer Rewards Program
Are you a member of our Customer Rewards Program? Be sure to stop by ___ Harley-Davidson and we will fill you in on some of the exciting changes coming! Not enrolled in our Rewards Program? Just ask us how when we return.

Statement 1.16 –120th yr Celebration
Over the last 120 years, millions of people from around the world have shared the experience of riding a Harley Davidson.  This year, we celebrate with racing-inspired style that honors Harley’s long-standing on 120th Anniversary gear and apparel are now available, while supplies last!

2. Genuine H-D Gear

Statement 2.1-hard candy custom
Color outside the lines with big, bold metal flake finishes!  No apologies, just hard candy custom paint finish for your Street Bob or Seventy-Two! It’s not only for your bike, we also tempt you with Hard Candy Custom parts and apparel that will satisfy any Harley “sweet tooth!”  Stop by _____ Harley Davidson and see the new Hard Candy Custom paint, parts and apparel today!

Statement 2.2 Motorcycle Paint and Paint Kits
The bike is a blank canvas, a surface ready to express your personality with design, color and texture. Harley-Davidson Color Shop paint and color-matched components set the tone for the rest of the accessories and set your bike apart from the crowd.  Ask for details when we return.

Statement 2.3 – Fit Shop 1
Whatever your riding style or body type, ______ Harley Davidson can taylor fit your motorcycle for maximum comfort, control, and confidence. Just stop by ____ Harley Davidson, and our trained experts will take you through a step-by-step process literally seating you on a bike and switching out components until they find the combination that fits you!

Statement 2.4 – Fit Shop 2
If you’re not sure your Harley needs a custom fit, here’s a couple hints: when you find that you’re on your toes and that your feet are not firmly planted at stops, or maybe you have discomfort in the lower back after you ride. If you would like to be sure your Harley fits you like a glove, stop by _____ Harley Davidson and let our experts get you up and running comfortable.

Statement 2.5 – H-D Gear 1
Whoever said money can’t buy happiness [fx=Harley engine rev] obviously didn’t know where to shop. At ____ Harley-Davidson, we have the Harley you’re dreaming of right here in our showroom. We also have a shop full of genuine Harley gear for your body and your bike. Come on in or visit us online at ____.com.

Statement 2.6 – H-D Gear 2
Nervous about coming into our dealership? Don’t worry… We talked to your wife, and she said it’s ok. Our friendly staff is here to serve all of your motorcycle needs; from that certain piece of gear or just browsing the latest models and accessories. Don’t forget, you can also shop online at ____.com

Statement 2.7– Clothing, gifts & more
The showroom at ____ Harley-Davidson is every Harley lover’s dream. Whether you’re looking for motorclothes, collectibles or other genuine Harley accessories, you’ll find it all right here at ____ Harley. Why not stop by today? Or check out our selection online at ____.com.

Statement 2.8 Winter Parts and Accessories
We offer a wide selection of parts and accessories for all the latest models. Check out your options for heated clothing and grips to keep you riding this winter. Have your motor work completed before the riding season and enjoy the savings to boot. Ask us for more details.

Statement 2.9 Cold Season Gear
Keep your Harley in top-notch condition during the cold season with winterizing supplies, now available. Don’t forget the bike covers, battery tender, cleaning supplies, stabile… to name a few. Our parts department will gladly answer all your questions on winterizing tips.

Statement 2.10 Motor-clothes department Fall
The mornings are getting more crisp, and soon the fall season will be in full swing. Stop by our Motor-clothes department and check out our cold weather gear, including heated gear. Don’t let cold weather get you down; keep the riding season going as long as possible! Stop by ______ Harley-Davidson today!

Statement 2.11 Leather wear
Stop by _____ Harley Davidson to try on genuine leather rider wear bound tough!  Your bike is the perfect fit, be sure your motor-clothes fit you like a Harley too.  Stop by and shop the motor-clothes department today!

Statement 2.12 Motor-clothes Summer
It’s hot! And not just outside. The fashions in our Motor-clothes Department are sizzling!  We’re getting new collections in every few weeks, so there’s always something different to see. Shop at (Your dealership here)  and we’ll get you there lookin’ good!

Statement 2.13 – Harley accessories
_______ Harley Davidson has a great selection of motor clothes, accessories and collectibles. Dress yourself up in Harley Davidson gear. Decorate your office, garage or den. Heck, even get something for the little ones or family pet to signify your love of Harley. Check _____.com for the latest offers in our motor clothes department, or simply stop in and our great staff will help you find what you need.

Statement 2.14 – Pink Label Collection
On this road, no one rides alone. Show your support with the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Pink Label collection – gear and apparel with a purpose. Find out more at _____.com.

Statement 2.15 Motor-clothes general
You need more than just a bike to fully enjoy the Harley experience.  Our motorclothes department has all the gear you need from leather jackets and footwear to helmets and of course t shirts. Stop by and check the newest and latest genuine Harley motorclothes at ____ Harley Davidson today!

Statement 2.16 Free gift   
What’s better than free? Nothing! Everyone loves a free gift, and ___ Harley Davidson has a free gift with your $__ purchase! From now until _____, you can get a free Harley Davidson _________ while supplies last; one per qualifying purchase. Stop by ____ Harley Davidson before they’re gone!

Statement 2.17 Gift Cards
Need a great gift idea? How about a _____ Harley-Davidson gift card? It makes a great gift any time for that hard to shop for person in your life! Come into our store or buy online at _____.com.

3. Finance Options/Coverage

Statement 3.1 – Finance Options
Have you found the perfect Harley? Can’t wait to take it on the open road? Then what are you waiting for? [fx=Harley driving off] At ____ Harley-Davidson, we offer several payment options, including up to 84 months to meet your individual needs. Our financing offers competitive interest rates that will beat most bank rates! Stop by and ride your Harley home today! [fx=Harley]

Statement 3.2 – H-D Visa  
When we return to the line, be sure to ask us about the Harley-Davidson chrome Visa card, where you earn money back in the form of a certificate called chrome cash. Check it out today!

Statement 3.3 – Coverage   
Is your Harley protected? When we return to the line, be sure to ask us about our extended service plans. At ____ Harley-Davidson, we can offer  fender to fender coverage for up to six years beyond your factory warranty… even travel protection for unexpected emergencies on the road. Find out more in just a moment.

Statement 3.4 Riders Reward Card   
Get your Riders Reward card today and start saving! Designed exclusively for our customers, Reward Card Members receive special discounts, rider reward points for special purchases, and special “members only” offers and benefits. The Riders Reward Card is free when you buy a new or pre-owned Harley Davidson motorcycle, or ask how you can purchase a card for $29.95 when we return!

Statement 3.5 Walkaway   
It’s natural to worry that unexpected events like illness or unemployment may one day make you wish you could just walk away from your financial obligations. Now you can, with WALKAWAY Protection. When you purchase a new or used motorcycle at _____ Harley-Davidson you receive 12 months of WALKAWAY coverage at no charge. Now that’s the freedom to ride.

Statement 3.6 No!No!No!   
“No, No, No!” is back!  No down payment, No interest for 90 days, and No payments for 120 days!  How can YOU say “No” to that?  Ask for our finance specialist when we return!


Statement 4.1 – Service Team Fluent in HD   
When your Harley needs some lovin’, trust the Service Team here at ____ Harley-Davidson. Our H-D Service team speaks fluent Harley-Davidson and they’re dedicated to giving you and your bike 110%. Schedule your service appointment when we come back to take your call.

Statement 4.2 Parts– Seasonal Cleaning   
It’s time to dust off the seat and get your Harley ready for the (SEASON) riding season! Stop by our Parts department where you can get all the cleaning products you need to make your bike look brand-new!  (YOUR NAME HERE)  Harley Davidson, your one stop shop for a genuine Harley Davidson experience!

Statement 4.3 -Customize Your Bike
[fx=Harley rev] Finally ready to customize your bike the way you’ve always wanted? At _____ Harley-Davidson,  we’ve got everything you need to create the Harley you’ve been dreaming of. With a little help from _____, you’ll be ready to ride. [fx=bike drives off]

Statement 4.4 Chrome Custom Design   
Harley is all about attitude, and it’s time to give your Harley a new attitude! Our Chrome Custom Design center includes not only new, but pre-owned Harleys as well! Set up an appointment with the Parts Department to get a one-on-one custom design strictly for your Harley.

Statement 4.5 New bike service   
Have you recently bought a new Harley? If so, don’t forget to schedule your first service with our professionals to make sure that new hog runs like a top for years to come. Remember, it’s not just an oil change, so ask for the service department today when we come back.

Statement 4.6 Winter Storage Program   
[Fx Harley engine]  Have you heard about our Winter storage program?  Let us take care of your bike during those cold winter months.  Think you’ll miss your bike?  No problem!  You’ll still have daily access during normal business hours. Ask for details when we return.

Statement 4.7  Accessories
Make your mark on the street and customize your ride with a little help from our parts department!  (YOUR DEALERSHIP HERE) has all the genuine Harley Davidson parts you need to customize your ride just the way you like it.

5. RIDER’S ACADEMY/ Riding Courses

Statement 5.1 – Beginner’s Instruction   
Are you an experienced rider? Or maybe a beginner looking for the best expert instruction? Well, look no further! _____ Harley-Davidson is the only dealer, in the _____ area, offering award-winning Rider’s Academy courses every month for new and advanced riders. To learn more about this Harley program and others, visit our website for details at www. _____com.

Statement 5.2 Women’s Garage Party
[Fx Kool and the Gang “Ladies Night” chorus]  Hey ladies!  It’s time to join us here at ____ Harley Davidsion for a night just for the ladies…Taught by the ladies, for the ladies! Join us on (YOUR EVENT DATE HERE) from (YOUR TIME HERE).


Statement 6.1 – Winter   
[fx=winter wind] Old Man Winter got you down? Leave him out in the cold [fx=door shut, wind stops] and head on over to _____ Harley-Davidson, where the deals are hot and the Harleys are hotter! [fx=Harley engine] We’ve got every Harley model right here on our showroom floor, and the time to buy has never been better. Stop by for a test ride today! [fx=drive off]

Statement 6.2 – Fall/Spring   
Some say the perfect weather calls for the perfect ride, and you’ll never find a ride as smooth, as powerful, or as free as a Harley. Stop by and visit the crew at _____ Harley-Davidson today for a test ride.  Whether you’re looking for new or used, Softail or Sportster, they have the bike of your dreams. Find it today at _____ Harley.

Statement 6.3 -Spring   
Spring has finally arrived, and ________ is always a buzz this time of year with riders new and old! You’ll want to be sure to check out this season’s Bike Nights, and Riders Academy courses! There’s always continued excitement in our Parts and Motor-clothes department and as usual, you can trust our tech team to keep your favorite Harley in tip-top riding condition all season long!

Statement 6.4 – Summer   
[fx=Hawaiian music] The sun is hot and the road is calling… [fx=rev] and there’s never been a better time to ride off into the sunset on your very own Harley. [fx=ride off] Don’t keep putting off that dream, get down to _____ Harley-Davidson today and let us help you find that perfect summer ride. With all models in stock and financing available, there’s never been a better time to buy a Harley.

Statement 6.5 – Nov-Dec. Holidays   
[fx=holiday rock] Happy Holidays, and thanks for calling _____ Harley-Davidson. Here at _____, you’ll find something to suit every Harley lover on your list; from clothes and gear to gifts and collectibles. And as always, our showroom floor is stocked with so many models and colors, even the man in the red suit can’t resist. Come to think of it, it’s no wonder he’s so jolly. [fx=Harley rides off, Santa:”ho ho ho”]

Statement 6.6 – 4th of July   
[fx=patriotic music] Independence Day. It’s not just every 4th of July. It’s every time you put yourself on the seat of a Harley-Davidson. Made right here in the U S of A, each Harley is an expression of the ultimate American value… Freedom. Stop by _____ Harley-Davidson today and experience it for yourself. And from the entire Harley team, have a great July 4th! [fx=fireworks]

Statement 6.7 – Valentine’s Day   
Harley enthusiasts everywhere are no strangers to love, after all… we love our Harley’s right? [fx cupid’s arrow/ female sigh] And what better way to declare your love than with Harley-Davidson motor-clothes! Stop by and see our Valentine’s Day specials on Motor-clothes apparel and jewelry, so you can really pamper your true love, your Harley! [fx Harley engine]

Statement 6.8 Tax Season   
Try a little magic this month [fx poof!] turn your tax refund into a new Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Just stop by and take a test ride today, and watch your refund magically transform into the bike of your dreams!

Statement 6.9 Black Friday   
Beat the Crowds! Black Friday is November ___th, and ____ Harley Davidson will be open from __am to __pm! Stop by and see the incredible specials throughout the store! We have something for everyone on your “nice” AND “naughty” list! That’s November __th, from __ to __, see you then!

Statement 6.10 Cupid N Chrome   
[Fx arrow sound] Love is in the air, and Cupid is not only setting up couples, but at ______ Harley Davidson, Cupid is putting together amazing deals for our Cupid N Chrome event! Come see us on Saturday, February __th to get something special for your honey for Valentine’s Day!

Statement 6.11 Check your helmet month   
April is Check your helmet Month. It is recommended that helmets be replaced at least every 3-5 years. Stop by _______ Motor-clothes department for a proper helmet fitting. One of our friendly motor-clothes associates will properly fit you and give you a mini Heads up on Helmets Seminar.

Statement 6.12 May: Women Riders Month   
May has been declared “Women Riders Month” by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, making May 1st International Female Ride Day. May is the official month where women all over are encouraged to “fulfill their dreams.” Ladies, stop in at _______ Harley-Davidson today to receive your complimentary copy of “We Ride”, the Harley-Davidson guide for Women.

Statement 6.13 Mother’s Day   
Does mom already have enough candles and perfume? Get her something she really wants this Mother’s Day! [fx: engine rev] Stop by ____ Harley Davidson to find everything you need to make this Mother’s Day special.

Statement 6.14 Father’s Day   
Does dad already have enough striped ties and soap on a ropes? Stop by ______ Harley Davidson to find everything you need to make this Father’s Day special. On ____, June __th all men’s items will be 15-20% off!  We’ll be right back to take your call.

Statement 6.15 Happy New Year   
[fx crowd countdown and cheer “Happy New Year!” -party noise] It’s the beginning of another year, and at _____ Harley Davidson, we look forward to another 12 months full of exciting events and wonderful memories that only happen here!


Statement 7.1- Chicks Rule Event   
Hey, ladies… Ever dreamed of having your OWN bike? Or maybe you’re just ready for a change from your current bike. Either way, you don’t want to miss Chicks Rule Saturday, here at _____ Harley-Davidson. Join us ______, ____, for a demo ride, store-wide discounts, and lunch on us! You may even score a free Chicks Rule t-shirt! Remember… helmet, long pants, boots and valid motorcycle driver’s license required to ride.

Statement 7.2 – Summer Party Events   
What are you looking forward to most about summer…..BBQs, bikinis, ice-cold beers? Nah, you’re looking forward to all the parties _____ Harley Davidson is gonna be throwin’. We bring the best summer has to offer all to one great event. Come on out and join us! We’ll be right back to take your call.

Statement 7.3 – Open House Event   
[fx=Harley engines] Sound like you’re missing out on something? Well, you’re not… at least not yet. Go ahead & mark your calendar for our Annual Open House, Saturday, _____, right here at _____ Harley-Davidson. We’ll have specials throughout the entire store on all merchandise, as well as live music, free food, bike games and great prizes. Make your dream come true and let the folks at _____ show you the best motorcycles in the world.

Statement 7.4 – Chrome-coming   
You’re invited to Chrome-coming, the Harley-Davidson Model Year 20__ Open House. Join us on _____, here at _____ to see all that’s new from Harley… new bikes, motorclothes, parts, accessories and more! Demo ride the bike of you dreams, take advantage of sale prices throughout the store, and enter for your chance to win a brand new 20__ Harley. We’ll see YOU at Chrome-coming.

Statement 7.5 -One Day/Inventory Reduction Sale   
At ______ Harley-Davidson, it’s never been a better time to get the Harley of your dreams, with our Inventory Reduction Sale for one day only! Come into ______ Harley on Saturday, ______ from ___ am to ___ pm for our zero dollar down special! You’ll get to pick out and ride your favorite Bike home with zero down, no interest for up to sixty days, and no payments for up to ninety days! So stop by (YOUR DATE HERE), and ride your Harley home! [fx=Harley]

Statement 7.6 Heroes Night   
Heroes Night is ______ __th from _pm to _p.m. Please join us in honoring all of our police officers, fire fighters, EMS and military personnel. There will be appetizers, drinks, sales and more just to say THANK YOU for all you do to protect us!

Statement 7.7 Halloween Blood Drive   
Mark your calendars, because on this Halloween, we want your blood! That’s right, on _____, October __st, it’s time for the “We Want Your Blood” Halloween Blood Drive at _____ Harley-Davidson! [Fx Dracula laugh] Don’t make us come and get you!

Statement 7.8 Leather and lace costume ball   
Get ready, it’s time for the return of the Leather and Lace Costume Ball! Be sure to join us ______, _______ __st from __pm to ____ for the event of the season! We’ll have food, libations, and ghoulish events that will have you talking the rest of the year! [Fx evil laugh] So don’t’ miss it! That’s ______, _______ ___st from __pm to ___, right here at _______ Harley-Davidson!

Statement 7.9 Tent Sale   
Be sure to mark your calendar for our gigantic tent sale (day), (month) (day) with the lowest prices of the year! Come early for the best selections. Save on leather, shoes, collectibles and much, much more! Up to 50% off selected parts and accessories! Gates open at ___ am for MVP members.

Statement 7.10 Men’s HOLIDAY shopping night   
Hey guys!  Looking for the perfect “Guys getaway” from the hustle and bustle of the holidays?  Then jump on your Harley and head on over to _____ Harley-Davidson for our Men’s Only Shopping Night!  Leave the in-laws at home, and join us ____, ____th at __ pm for a laid-back night of holiday shopping; Harley style!  Drinks and beverages will be provided, so don’t miss out!  See you here _____  __th at __pm.

Statement 7.11 Customer Appreciation Day
[Fx party noise] What are we celebrating? You! Our valued customer! Join us ___day, ____ __th from ___ to __pm for Customer Appreciation Day! In appreciation to our valued customers and family members, share the day with us. We will have lunch at noon just for you. MVP Members, you get a point just for stopping in!

Statement 7.12 Pumpkin Decorating Contest   
[Fx Halloween music] Join ____ Harley Davidson as we decorate with carved pumpkins by you, our loyal customers! On ___day, October ___th from __ to __, and ___day, October __th from __ to__ pm, you can bring in your pumpkin and carving tools to carve, paint or decorate with Harley Davidson items! The top 3 pumpkins decorated at ___ Harley Davidson will win ____ Gift Cards! Don’t miss out!

Statement 7.13 No Shave November Beard and Mustache Contest   
[Fx hair trimmer buzzing noise] Put away those hair trimmers! At least, for the month of November, that is. ___ Harley Davidson invites you to our No Shave November Beard and Mustache Contest! Stop by ____ Harley Davidson with your full beard and/or mustache on __day, November __th! There will be 4 Categories: Mustache, Full beard, Partial Beard and Most insane facial hair! We will have prizes for each division, come on out and enjoy a little fun with us!

Statement 7.14 Ride For Autism   
On (DATE), ____ Harley Davidson will be hosting the ___ annual Ride for Autism starting at (time). Then join us after the ride for food, entertainment, and raffles. 100% of the proceeds go directly to families touched by Autism. Our events are making a difference in people’s lives! Be a part, and register online at rideforautism.org today.

8. Rentals

Statement 8.1 Rental Fall.  
Have a summer fling this fall. Our Harley-Davidson Authorized rentals make for the perfect adventure. Don’t worry, your bike will never know. Ask for our Rentals Department when we return to the line to reserve your Harley today!

Statement 8.2 Rental Winter   
Trying to figure out what to do with the relatives that came down to soak up the sunshine this winter? Take ’em riding! Hook ’em up with a Harley rental from _____ Harley. We have a great selection of Harleys to choose from. Get all the details from our Authorized Rental Department when we return to the line. It’ll be a vacation they’ll never forget!

Statement 8.3 Rentals   
Thinking of that dream vacation? Then let _______ Rentals help. We offer several rental packages, including guided tours and one way rentals when you reserve with us. Or rent your favorite bike as a way to try it before you buy! Simply select the Harley you’ve been dreaming of, ride it, and then talk with one of our sales professionals to make your dream come true!


Statement 9.1 – Location/Hours  
[fx=Harley engine] Welcome to _____ Harley-Davidson. You’ll find us conveniently located at _____, just off Interstate _____. Ready for a demo ride? Our experts are here to serve you from (YOUR DAYS AND TIMES HERE). And on Sunday? [fx=rev] We’re gone ridin’. [fx=drive off]

Statement 9.2 Website    
Visit _____Harley anytime! Go to our website, ______.com to browse our inventory of bikes, shop our MotorClothes department, request a service appointment or find out about local rides and events. Stay connected by “liking” us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Statement 9.3 Social Media    
Let’s get social!  “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check us out on Instagram and YouTube.  Stay in the loop of all of the fun we’re having at ____ Harley Davidson.  We’d love to hear from you so feel free to post questions, comments and pictures.

10. NEW 2024 HARLEYS

Statement 10.1 New Motorcycles 2024s
The new models have been revealed and the 2024s are here and ready to ride!  This year’s lineup features the revamped Road Glides and Street Glides, as well as several new CVOs with increased torque and horsepower.  For the adventure enthusiasts, check our great selection of the fastest growing segment of motorcycling with the dual sport, Pan America.  _______ Harley-Davidson; home of the finest selection of new and pre-owned bikes.

Statement 10.2  2024 Adventure Touring
Introducing the 2024 Adventure Touring Motorcycles; where touring becomes detouring, and everything is a road. Get ready to ride with unmatched power, and ultimate control with the new Pan America 1250.  It’s Revolution Max engine features 150 horsepower to maximize your riding experience.  Check out all the features online at ______ Harley!

Statement 10.3 Ultra Limited Low
If you want the full-on Harley-Davidson Ultra Touring experience in a lower form, throw a leg over the Ultra Limited Low.  No other full-dress Grand American touring machine puts you closer to the pavement. Test ride the new Ultra Limited Low at ____ Harley Davidson today!

Statement 10.4 2024 CVO Pan America
The world opens up when you hop on a 2024 CVO Pan America motorcycle. Adventure is out there, so we created a bike with rugged accessories and design enhancements for whatever the road may bring. The liquid-cooled powertrain delivers even more horsepower and torque to maximize rider control. Stop by and test drive the new CVO Pan America today!

Statement 10.5 2024 CVO Street Glide
The new 2024 CVO Street Glide has arrived. We’ve taken a lot of care in enhancing the original so you can experience the road in a whole new way. And for the 25th anniversary of Custom Vehicle Operation, we’ve added extra touches to this already legendary model. Check out the new Street Glide today at ___________ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 10.6 2024 Road Glide
It’s here!  The new 2024 Road Glide; redesigned and given a whole new style. See how the new Road Glide motorcycle brings together dynamic bagger performance with long-distance rider comfort.  Check it out today at ______ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 10.7 2024 Road Glide ST
The wait is over!  The 2024 CVO Road Glide ST is taking the open road by storm! [Fx thunder crack] With Custom Vehicle Operation; CVO has elevated the hot rod bagger to a new extreme. The result? The 2024 CVO Road Glide ST, the fastest, most-sophisticated performance bagger we’ve ever produced. Inspired by the racetrack, built for the road.

Statement 10.8  Trikes
The 2024 Harley Davidson Trike motorcycles roll with confidence, comfort, and head-turning custom style.  Whether it’s the Freewheeler, Road Glide 3, or the Tri Ultra Glide, you’ll be hitting the open road in hot-rod attitude with three wheels.  Choose the trike that best fits your style at ______ Harley Davidson!

Statement 10.9   2024 Cruiser Motorcycles
Introducing the 2024 Cruiser motorcycles. Authentic heritage meets modern technology for power, style, and the unadulterated riding experience around town or along country roads.  Whether it’s the gritty Street Bob 114, or the lean and mean Breakout 117, you’ll find the newest Cruiser motorcycles ready to ride at  ____ Harley-Davidson!

Statement 10.10  2024 Softail Standard
[Fx Harley engine] The Harley Davidson Softail Standard; essentials by design.  It’s raw, stripped down bobber style makes it the perfect blank canvas for customization. Find the one that fits your style at _____ Harley Davidson, today!

Statement 10.11  2024 Fat Boy
Adored since day one, the singular Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 stands out with bright chrome and bold finishes. And slinging torque from a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, the new 2024 Fat Boy does not disappoint! Ride the new Fat boy today at _______ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 10.12  Heritage Classic 
The Heritage Classic motorcycle used to be a homage to ‘50s chrome nostalgia. Take a look at the new one, and you’ll see it’s anything but that. From the shady side of the family tree, the Heritage features dark styling and modern touches.  Check out the Heritage Classic today at ______ Harley-Davidson.

Statement 10.13  Livewire – Electric
With the 2024 Livewire S2 Del Mar Electric bike, the loudest sound you’ll hear…will be your heart racing. Built for speed, agility, and acceleration, Del Mar is the mark of urban riding and beyond; 0-60 in 3 seconds, 113 mile range, and easy and quick charging. The Livewire S2 Del Mar; make every second count.

Statement 10.14 2024 Sport
Have you seen the new 2024 Harley-Davidson Sport motorcycles? An entire Harley category created by the revered Sportster.  With their iconic design, and authentic sound, these are bikes built for carving mountain roads and blasting through city streets. Stop by and view the entire Sport collection at ____ Harley-Davidson!

Statement 10.15 2024 Nightster Special
Defy the day and stand out from the pack with precision performance. The perfectly balanced 2024 Nightster Special is the ultimate getaway for riders who refuse to be tied down. Strong acceleration at the start and vigorous power through the mid-range. All thanks to the RevolutionMax 975 engine. Stop by and test drive the new Nightster Special today!