ChargerIT Resources

Thank you for visiting your ChargerIT Resource Page.

This resource page provides you everything required for marketing HOLD PLUS services to your clients and prospects. 

Item #1: Custom Online Brochure

This is the link to your custom online brochure.  When your prospect visits this brochure and completes the form, an email notification will be sent to you and us.  We’ll engage immediately to contact your prospect, answer their questions, and gather the details required to set up HOLD PLUS service for them.

• Item #2: Email Banner Insert

This email banner can be downloaded to your computer and then uploaded to your email template.  Attach a hyperlink to the online brochure so your email recipients can simply click on the banner and be directed to the brochure. 

• Item #3: Paper Insert

Download this image, print paper inserts and include them with every snail mail you send to your customers 

• Item #4 & 5: HOLD PLUS logos

  1. Hold Plus Logo (.png – transparent background)
  2. Hold Plus Logo (.jpg – white background)

These HOLD PLUS logos can be used on your web site.  Attach a hyperlink to the logo so your web site visitor can click on the logo and be directed to your on-line brochure.

If you have questions on the use of these HOLD PLUS marketing resources, please call Randy at 800-298-2222 x 345.