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Hi Bill,
Based on the note received from Lynna, and the conversation I had with you…
… This production covers the bases you’re looking for.
Classy, Timeless sand something to make you proud… it’s YOUR brand.
This one is a HIT.

We’ve written 3 verses and produced the full music bed.
The first verse sung by a female, the second by Male #1 and the third by male #2.
This gives you a sample of 3 different voices.

Select the voice you like best and we’ll have them sing the entire piece.
Then we’ll master the production and cut it into several segments for use in all marketing areas.

I’ll follow up with you tomorrow to discuss your thoughts.


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Call Boyers 72 degrees - Heating air conditionin​g and plumbing
​You can reach us Any time - 540-949-76​39

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